Self-guided walking route from Nanjing to Wuyuan

We arrived at Jingdezhen Station at 4:33 the next morning. From Jingdezhen Railway Station, I found a car from Jingdezhen Short-distance Bus Station to Ziyang, Wuyuan County. The fare was 19 yuan. When I arrived at Ziyang, I transferred to a Dalai Mountain car, and the fare was 10 yuan. Arrive at Dalai Mountain at 10:30 in the morning, the fare is 45 yuan per person (30% off for students)

Live at Jingxutang of Sixi at night, 15 yuan per person. The rice I ate at Jingxutang was ordered with Wuyuan s special dishes: tofu paste, poached carp, steamed pork, dried beans and scrambled eggs, totaling 87 yuan.

Until 11:50 to Tsinghua, make a slight correction and head towards Hongguan. There are very few cars from Tsinghua to Hongguan. We only found one to Zhejiang.

Arrived at Hongguan Village at 4:30, took a break in Hongguan Village, departed from Hongguan at 4:50, and reached Lingjiao at 5:20. (From Zhejiang source to Hongguan is about 8KM, Hongguan to Lingjiao 2.5km)

Proceed from Lingjiao to Guankeng at about 5:40, arrive at Guankeng at 8:30, and eat at Guankeng Inn. It is strongly recommended that everyone stay at this store. The owner is very good, called Wang Wangsheng (the name is very memorable, Wang Wangsheng, huh, just kidding). When we came we were afraid we would get lost and we took his old father-in-law to pick us up It really moved us, and the price of staying and eating here is very reasonable.

I went over a hill again and arrived at Qingyuan Village at 11:50. Take a break, follow a guide to turn the mountain from Qingyuan to Jiangling (the guide should be 30 yuan, we followed others, so no money), arrived at Jiangling at 2:10, and finally saw the legendary canola Flowers, holding the camera to shoot constantly.

At that time, there was no car, and the chartered car was too expensive, so I had to walk. I walked about 3KM again and met a motorcycle, which took us four to Jiangwan in two trips for a total of 50 yuan. I personally think it is worth it, because the road from Jiangling to Xiaoqi is very difficult …

到 I arrived at Jiangwan at 6:30 and chartered a car to Tunxi, 160 yuan, and arrived at Tunxi at 8:20. Take the train from Nanchang to Nanjing West at 23:18 in the evening to return to Nanjing. The fare is 27 yuan / person. It was 7:30 the next morning to Nanjing.

Personally, I think the route arrangement is reasonable, because the time and charter are too expensive. I temporarily cancelled several places because I felt that the pits and I knew that these places belonged to the Hui school. They were all similar and the time was tight, so there was no Go and see.

Because I mainly walk on the way, I didnt spend much on the fare. Looking back on the road we walked through, we found that we had hiked from Zheyuan to Jiangling, and we also turned over three mountains in the middle. Think about how hard we can endure ^ _ ^

The boss s phone number of Guankeng Inn is 13531317639. The boss s character is very good, so the three friends of my colleague unanimously suggested that I help him advertise. Hehe, I will know that I will never make you regret if I go. It s good to stay in Guankeng for a few more days. It has not been developed there, and there are few people and tranquility, which can make you feel away from the noise!

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