Savage China Tour in Danba

On Dingguo Mountain in Danba, there is a thousand-year-old Yongzhong Forest Temple. It is said that savages often appear outside the temple. Recently, more than 30 experts from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Bhutan rushed to Danba to carry out a rapid scientific assessment of biodiversity and look for traces of Kangba savages.

Is there a savage in Ji Kangba? What does it look like? With a lot of questions, at the end of August, the reporters drove Danba to the first stop of the biodiversity survey—Dingguo Mountain Savage Valley, more than 40 kilometers southwest of Danba County.

On the way, we kept encountering obstacles: Big Stones blocking the road, landslides … Everyone couldn t help sighing: It seems really difficult to see the savages. After walking out of the jungle that covered the sun, we finally reached the Yongzhonglin Temple. There is an alpine meadow outside Yongzhonglin Temple. There is a Haizi in front of the temple. The blue sky and white clouds reflect in the water, making people feel like they are in a fairyland. There is a winding canyon on the other side of the mountain, telling us that it is the Savage Valley.

In the temple, we saw the living Buddha Danbei ginseng. He said that Dingguoshan has long had a legend about savages: The living Buddha of I lived in retreat on the mountain and no one took care of him. It was the savage who sent him water every day to find fruit to eat. The savage is considered a god, and seeing the savage is considered a symbol of blessing and good luck.

Are there any savages? Danbei dropped the ginseng and said that just one summer night last year, the savage suddenly appeared in the backyard of the temple and immediately scared one and turned to run …

There is a custom that men and women wear bracelets in the village, which is said to be related to savages. Danbei descended, saying that a thousand years ago, savages often sneaked into the village to catch young people as their Azhai villagers or Azhai villagers. However, during the day, the savage kept looking up at the sky without looking at the captives. After mastering the savage habit, people put a hoop on their wrists. If they are unfortunately caught by the savage, when the savage is not paying attention, they quietly take their hands out of the hoop and slip away. In this way, the iron ring slowly evolved into today s bracelet.

If the legend is not worthy to be believed, the villagers who have seen the savages in person have to be a little emotional. Witnesses said that the savage was tall, with thick hair all over his waist and navel as the boundary. The hair on the upper body grew upward, and the hair on the lower body grew downward. The hair on the head looked like a hippie hairstyle and stood tall. After listening to the description of the witnesses, Dr. Leeanne Alonso, the head of the biodiversity survey project and the vice-chairman of the International Conservation Project, sketched the appearance of a savage.

玛 Nima, who is in her 30s, is one of many wild man witnesses. He survived the savage twice in 1992 and last year. In the afternoon of the winter of 1992, another person in the temple and I walked on the mountain beams, and there was a roar like a roaring bark in the silent valley. It was terrifying, looking for us, 500 miles away. A human-like animal roars there on the hillside around meters, but it is full of thick hair, yellow and black throughout the body, neither bears nor humans, it is a monster that has never been seen before! Nima Said that at that time they were frightened by the shouting of their legs, and they couldn t run anymore. The cattle on the mountain were also scared away by the shouting …

Tanima saw the savage for the second time in May last year. Nima said that at about 4 pm on a day in May last year, when he passed by the mountain where the savage was first found, he again encountered it unexpectedly. Nima took a closer look. The big man in front of him was exactly the kind of monster he met more than ten years ago, but this time he didn t yell, but seemed very alert. When he saw someone coming, he turned and ran. Without waiting for Nima to respond, it disappeared into the dense jungle …

The 40-year-old Ram also had the same experience as Nima, and in the early years her father said he had encountered savages. I wasn t scared at the time because it was actually more scared than you, Ram said.

She said that one day in the winter of 2000, she went to the temple to pray as usual. After praying and walking out of the Buddhist temple, Ram suddenly saw a person standing in the open grass field! Oh my god! His body is at least twice the size of an ordinary person, and his body is covered with brown hair! Ram said, I thought it was an illusion. I quickly rubbed my eyes and it still stood there. I immediately turned around and turned back At the temple, I called a few to see it together. Ram recalled that everyone in the temple saw it, but everyone did not know where it was sacred. In a voice of exclamation, the person stared at the crowd in a huff, and then strode slowly towards the jungle of the distant mountains. People were stunned there, no one dared to chase, no one dared to shout, and watched it disappear from everyone s sight …

In Kamba, there are many witnesses like Nima and Ram, and Danbei Ginseng also keeps an important piece of evidence about the savages–a dozen golden yellow hairs in a transparent glass vial. The reporter saw that these hairs were about 3 to 4 cm long. Danbei dropped the ginseng and said, This is savage hair! After the experts saw it, they took two of them and said that they would take it back for testing and see if it was savage hair.

Tan Danbei said that these hairs were collected in the 1930s from his previous living Buddha, that is, the 38th living Buddha. One day more than 60 years ago, when the living Buddha of the 38th century passed through the woods, he suddenly saw a dark shadow standing up from the grass not far away. The height was nearly two stories high. The living Buddha immediately realized that this is the legend. Savage, so he hid behind a big tree and watched the savage s behavior secretly. I saw that the savage first picked a moss from the tree and ate it. Then he walked to a large tree, rubbed his back against the tree, and then left the forest a few minutes later. Then the living Buddha came out from the back of the big tree, and found a dozen hairs left on the trunk it was tickling by the savage. He wrapped the hair with paper, took it back to the temple, and kept it to this day.

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