Ruins of Baita Temple [Gansu Wuwei]

The site of Baita Temple is located in Baita Village, 20 kilometers southeast of Wuwei City, Gansu Province, at an altitude of 1500 meters. Baita Temple was the residence of the Tibetan Buddhism Sakya of the Tibetan Buddhism during Kublai Khan (1260-1295) during the Yuan Dynasty to discuss the unification of Tibet and reach an agreement.

The ruins of Qibaita Temple are composed of temples, towers, and towers. The temple has a wall, 420 meters from east to west, 430 meters from north to south, and the base of the wall is 3.1 meters wide. Six temple foundations were found in the courtyard, and the wall foundation was made of brick or stone. The temple foundation in the tower courtyard has a brick wall foundation and a brick paved floor. The Saban Ling bone tower in the tower courtyard is the main building, which was rebuilt in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The existing pedestal is made of earth-core brick, with a side length of 26.75 meters and a residual height of 5.1 meters.

The Baita Temple site is an important temple of Tibetan Buddhism, and it is also a historical testimony to the unification of the motherland in the Yuan Dynasty. Its architectural shape and unearthed relics are of great value for studying the layout of Tibetan Buddhist temples and the spread of Tibetan Buddhism.

The white pagoda in Berongzhou covers a large area, it is very empty, and the distance to be traveled is relatively long, so it is not suitable for sightseeing in spring and summer. Autumn is rich in colors, the temperature is right, and snow is the best in winter. In addition, it is best to take pictures in autumn.

The Baita Temple is far from the city. It is best to drive by car or take a long-distance bus to Lanzhou, but you can t take high-speed roads, you can only take National Highway 312. I went from Lanzhou direction . From the high speed, turn right and turn around on National Road 312, which is about 15 kilometers. On the left, there is a straight and wide road. Two kilometers ahead is the gate of Baita Temple. It can be seen from National Road 312 that if you take a long-distance bus, you can ask the driver master to stop.

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