Red Army Memorial Park Tourism

Dawujiang Town of Yuqing County was formerly known as Huilongdu. It is a small town on the bank of the Wujiang River. Today, Gudu New Town has become an important attraction on the Red Tourism Line of Guizhou Province.

In order to extol the Red Army s feat of rushing across the Wujiang River and promote the Red Army s Long March spirit, a Red Army Memorial Park has been built on the northern shore of Wujiang in Dawujiang Town.

Take a car from Dawujiang Town, circle along the mountain road on the mountain beside Wujiang River, and walk about 1 km to the gate of the Red Army Memorial Park. The stone wall under the base of the Memorial Garden Hotel is engraved with the poem Long March and a large relief of the Red Army breaking through the Wujiang River. Opposite the hotel is a fan-shaped corridor, the top of which is zigzag like a dragon s ridge, one side is a stone wall, and the other side is composed of carved columns, simple and beautiful. The Red Army Long March Memorial Exhibition is arranged along the stone wall of the corridor. On the mountain next to it is a group of stone carved statues called Soul of the Red Army , showing the heroic image of Red Army soldiers and boatmen who rushed across the Wujiang Nature Insurance. Standing on the observation platform on the side of the statue of the Soul of the Red Army , overlooking the surging Wujiang and lush mountains at the foot of the mountain, rem embering the Red Army s attempt to cross the Wujiang, everyone was deeply swallowed by the Red Army s momentum and Indomitable spirit is moved and proud.

Transportation: Take Zunyi City, via provincial highway 204, take the express bus from Zunyi City to Dawujiang Town, Yuqing County, it only takes 1.5 hours. Then walk to the memorial park in ten minutes.

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