Recommend several travel essential apps

More and more consumers will take the hotel as one of the destinations when they travel, which is the first link to make decisions when making a trip, rather than just a place to stay and sleep.

Looking at the platform first, many consumers will choose Ctrip hotels. In recent years, meituan hotels have also become the mainstream choice. Meituan hotel is a comprehensive accommodation service platform under meituan. Since its establishment, meituan hotel has repeatedly refreshed China’s online year, with a domestic hotel reservation volume of about 284 million, a year-on-year increase of 38.5%, and an industry record of over 2 million room nights per day. Up to now, meituan hotel has covered nearly 360000 hotel businesses across the country, and is welcomed and loved by more and more consumers.

Like to live in Hanting, orange these chain small partners can directly live in China, senior members will enjoy the extra surprise rights and interests. For outbound travel, booking can be used for European travel, and Agoda can be used for Southeast Asia. These two platforms have more choices and higher cost performance in their respective advantageous regions.

The means of transportation for long-distance travel can be plane, train, minibus, etc. here, we mainly talk about plane and train. Small partners who choose to travel by plane can purchase tickets on the apps of Ctrip, Feizhu, tuniu and other platforms, and can also install an exclusive app that often takes airlines, such as Air China. In this way, small partners can also enjoy services such as rush to buy boarding gate and upgrade.

However, it is worth mentioning that just a few days ago, Ctrip server crashed in a large area for the third time in its history, and web pages, apps and small programs all went down. At the same time, the platforms of qunar, Tongcheng, Yilong and Zhihang train tickets, which are also carrying Cheng’s Department, have “collapsed” collectively. This incident has also been hot searched on Weibo. This has brought a lot of troubles to many traveling partners.

During the May Day holiday, there are not a few small partners who choose to travel short distance. If they have a car to drive, they need to remind them that they need to maintain and repair the car before going out, so as to ensure the healthy travel of the car. Download a gaud map before self driving, and the road is smooth.

Small partners who don’t have a car can rent a car to travel. There are many brands that can be chosen for car rental. Small partners can compare prices by themselves and choose big brands. You can also choose the hitchhiker for Dida travel. The price is also reasonable. If it is not too far from the destination, Didi can also choose to travel. You can also choose to take public transportation, which can save money in safety and environmental protection.

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