Rafting Self-guided Tour of Wanquan River in Hainan

  Yesterday I went to Wanquan River, who wanted to pass through the travel agency in Haikou. It may have just been launched, so I had to travel by myself. Ready to pack, it s nothing, just a change of clothes. The family dragged and arrived at the East Bus Station at 9 o clock. Tickets to Qionghai City had been sold at 10 o clock. The East Station was home for backpackers and travelers. The fare is divided into two classes; 16 yuan for express trains and 11 yuan for local trains; one and a half hours by car.

  I arrived at Qionghai at 11:30; I got off the bus and asked for a long time. No one knew that the Wanquan River was drifting. I called the travel agencies in Qionghai in advance and knew that this was the case, but it was not clear which company was in charge. Just go to the Wanquanhe Tourist Area and ask, after the fact, it was the right decision. I called two bumper cars with three wheels and two yuan to the tourist area. I got off the bus and ran into two policemen. I asked the two knowing masters. With some guidance, I realized that it was a financial building five minutes away from the station. Sign up; hurry up and ask a question from Finance and just send off a group of guests. Have to wait for the next batch at two o clock. Sign up now and settle in. The fare is 138 yuan, the preferential price is 180 yuan. Package pickup. The drift point is 60 kilometers away from Qionghai.

  After eating lunch, I went to see the statue of the Red Army Girl. Starting at two, it was not bad. The car was not enough. The company sent a Crown Toyota as our special car. All the way to the road, the road is all dirt road, the loess is flying everywhere, and it has become a yellow car.

  The destination is Yanyuan Power Station. When I saw the raft excited, I was tired after a few hours and went down to the river. The road was not easy to go. It just opened and was not perfect. The facilities were simple. There are short pants sold for 26 yuan a set. Wrap shoes, money, cell phones and other items with plastic bags and strap them tightly to the raft s seat belt. Put on a life jacket and go up on the raft. Eighteen kilometers, there are seven shoals. Ask the boatman, three hour. The artificial raft is eight kilometers ahead and the motor raft is ten kilometers behind. There is an engine on the raft. The flow speed is fast and it doesn t take much effort. The two sides of the bank are virgin forests, the scenery on both sides is beautiful, there is a feeling of a small Lijiang River, and there are large areas of wild Bajiao and rubber trees in the virgin forest; Ba Jiao came down to taste . The river surface is wide or narrow, and the seven steep beaches have a maximum dro p of two meters. The waves hit two or three meters high. The raft will sink to the bottom of the wave and rush to the wave. The girls are frightened and screamed. Endless; add some excitement.

  The boys are so addicted. Passing through the six beaches, the old boatman said that there were no large dangerous beaches below, everyone relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery on both sides of the strait, and waved his arms to show friendliness when he saw the occasional figure. Just as everyone forgot about it, one of the largest shoals has come to see the past, the water was turbulent, the waves were huge, the drop was more than two meters, and the length was nearly sixty meters; I have a mother, I screamed and hurriedly collected the pulp. Legs, hold onto the seat belt. Just after doing the above actions, the raft rushed into the beach with the rapids. At that moment, there was no sound. It seemed that everyone was shocked by the huge momentum; the raft was pushed into the bottom of the wave by the big wave; Forward or backward or left or right; the old ship s bow worked hard to grasp the direction, the huge waves hit the raft several times against the shore rocks; everyone bec ame a sloppy chicken. After passing a vortex, the raft was spun out of the beach; the thrilling minutes felt as long as an hour; the water surface suddenly calmed down after rushing out of the beach, like the tranquility after the fireworks general. I don t know who called a throat, it s exciting! The whole raft was revived. I wonder if the old bow intentionally surprised everyone?. In the future, the water surface widened and the water flow became slower; the raft began to be driven by an electric motor; a wave of cool wind rushed towards the face, gentle, like a lover s soft hand stroking his face in clear; that feeling could not be described in words Just a cool word!.

  Unconsciously, he has reached the end. Everyone refused to abandon the raft to go ashore. Say goodbye to each other. The beautiful Wanquan River, you brought me an unforgettable day; how can I thank you?.

  The bus from Erhaikou to Qionghai is at the East Bus Station opposite the Wugong Temple. It departs every 30 minutes and leaves on time. There are two types of express trains and local trains, with fares of 16 yuan and 11 yuan. It is recommended to take express trains, air-conditioning and not solicit passengers. There is free mineral water.

  The fare is 180 yuan, including pick-up and drop-off; dressing shorts can also be bought at the drifting place, a set of 26 yuan. Since it was just launched, the facilities are relatively simple, there is no changing place at the end, and only return to Qionghai to change.

  The registration office is no later than 3:30. One day can return to Haikou. The train back to Haikou is very convenient until 10pm. If you need accommodation, you can live in the financial building, the price is 100, 150, 180 ; two-star standard.

  If you have time, you can go to Guantang Hot Spring Bubble, and you can also go to Baishiling, Boao, etc. There are many cars in Boao, which are every 15 minutes, which is very convenient.

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