Problems in Chinese hot spring tourism

With the economic development and the increase of per capita income, and the pursuit of health and wellness, hot spring tourism has quickly become popular with the people. By combing the development status of the domestic hot spring industry, it is considered that there are four problems in the domestic hot spring development industry.

1. Same: The products are similar, and there are no obvious features. Most hot spring planning designs are copied according to the photo sets, without considering their own characteristics, resulting in the same hot spring products.

2. Chaos: The management of the hot spring industry is more chaotic, and there is no unified management standard, which leads to chaotic use of hot spring water, hot spring reception scale, and hot spring product prices.

3. Poor: There are many performances in this area, such as the poor quality of hot spring water, the long-term use of hot spring water causes the water quality to change from good to bad, the supporting items to use, and the service to poor.

Shallow 4. Shallow: The design of the hot spring is not deep enough and lacks cultural connotation. The simple hot spring bathing mode, whether it is planning, design, facilities, or services, is a dragonfly, which makes it difficult for tourists to have a deep impression.

Hot spring tourism is not just as simple as bubbles. Its connotation should be the tourist s experience of hot spring culture. Different periods and regions have different hot spring cultural backgrounds and cultural elements. As leisure and vacation become the development trend of the tourism industry, the development mode of hot spring projects is also diversifying. Judging from the current development trend, the hot spring industry will enter a stage of reshuffle. A large number of hot spring resorts with small scale, weak funds, single functions and backward facilities will be integrated, and large-scale, comprehensive and composite hot spring resorts will It will become the mainstream model of the hot spring leisure market, and the hot spring will move from a single utilization era to an integrated development era.

Future direction

The Essential function of hot spring health care will be paid more attention by the market. Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, the essence of hot spring is health. As the sub-health problems of modern urban residents become more and more serious, people s demand for health care will continue to increase. How to combine the market demand with the essence of hot springs and launch hot spring health products that meet consumer demand to grab the market is a problem that hot spring enterprises need to think about and explore .

The application of energy saving and consumption reduction, Internet big data, new technologies and new processes will crack the cost and channel difficulties of enterprises. Hot spring is an asset-intensive investment, with billions of dollars added each year, as well as annual labor costs and equipment wear and maintenance, extending its capital return cycle. Therefore, energy saving and emission reduction technologies based on the concepts of saving resources, protecting the environment, and interconnecting safety and health will be widely used in hot spring enterprises. The rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet has brought huge amounts of big data. How to apply new technologies to realise big data into passenger flow data for precise marketing is also a concern of enterprises. Western hot springs and spas are rigorous and scientific about their spa technologies and products being metamorphosed, and they are also worth learning for domestic hot spring companies.

Amami group travel big data shows that compared with 2016, the number of orders for hot springs + hotels rose 217%. Since September last year, orders for products such as hot springs + ice and snow, hot springs + attractions, hot springs + large playgrounds, hot springs + hotels have continued to rise. Among them, hot springs + hotel products are the most popular, and the economic benefits brought by hot spring tourism consumption are considerable. It is obvious that cross-border integration and development will broaden the the breadth and depth of the hot spring tourism industry. The hot spring tourism industry has a special breadth, which can be well integrated with tourism, culture, sports, health, pension, agriculture, commerce, real estate and other production sites. From the perspective of global tourism, taking hot spring tourism + as the path will bring great possibilities for the innovative development of hot spring tourism.

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