Port Douglas tickets

Port Douglas is about 70 kilometers north of Cairns and can be reached on the Captain Cook Highway for about an hour. Along the way, pass through eight beautiful bays, including Trinity Breach, Palm Cove and Clifton Beach. To the side is the endless Pacific Ocean. The beauty is everywhere.

Tranquil Port Douglas has a quiet and beautiful urban area. Famous attractions include cruise ship docks, observation decks, estuaries, etc. The beautiful coastline of up to four kilometers has a reputation of tropical paradise. To the north of Port Douglas are the Daintree \\ u0026 Cape Tribulation National Park and Mossman Gorge. From here, you can visit the well-preserved rainforest nature reserve, or take a super-luxury cruise ship Quicksilver Crouse to the beautiful coral reefs. There are various sizes of hotels and luxury homes and villas, the most famous of which is the five-star Sheraton Seaview Resort. The hotel is built by the sea, with luxurious and perfect facilities, unique and superior luxury suites and villas. This is also a paradise for golf enthusiasts. There are many golf courses of all sizes, from the charming four-mile beach to the wide Dixon harbour. The picturesque port of Douglas has become a tourist resort for tourists. There are five-star hotels here, as well as small budget hotels, shops, art galleries, and specialty restaurants.

Vacation There are many activities to take part in holiday sightseeing here. There is a golf course and an old steam locomotive. It is definitely fun to take this old locomotive to travel and ship.

There are also unique tropical rainforest accommodation houses, and you can take a bird s-eye view of the entire virgin forest from a cable car. In addition, there are speedboats and sailboats to coral reefs, islands and bays, and on the road you can explore and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

The Great Barrier Reef, 13 kilometers from the coast, is easily accessible from Port Douglas. The first coral reef adventure in northern Australia, which began in the early 1980s, has accelerated the development of Port Douglas, a sleepy village for many years. Port Douglas was the center of the area with Cairns in the last century. Its ancient traditional charm, tree-lined streets, and first-class resort scenery all attract countless tourists.

Some of the world s most attractive resorts are about to be established here and near the coast. Near Mosman Canyon, new forest walks and swimming areas have been developed. Mosman is a prosperous cane sugar town with a variety of accommodation facilities. In the north, between the long beaches and the misty mountains, there are many tourist attractions, hotels, and cane sugar, fruit, tea and coffee plantations, and walking areas deep in tropical forests.

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