Phoenix early spring apricot blossom rain

I have lived in the lower reaches of the Lishui River for many years, and I can probably be regarded as drinking river water with Phoenix. Just walk into the small shop on the street and ask for a bowl of ileal flour or rice tofu, sour and spicy, cheap and enjoyable. The night before I left Phoenix, I consoled myself in the building outside the building next door. Sitting by the window, I ordered bracken, edible fungus, Minjiang shrimp, and drank two or two meters of wine to drink slowly, completely forgetting the tiredness of the journey.

As I walked across the mountain beams, I saw a small city staying in time, quiet and silent in the sunset. Minjiang River flows through this small city. There are city walls and hanging feet by the river. The river is not wide, but it is crystal clear. The river was covered with turquoise waterweeds, which swayed gently with the current. From time to time, a small air bubble appeared on the water, and it was fishes and fishes playing happily. Fishing and touring boats come and go , each with its own place.

The Luan River bed was uneven, and the dam was built not far apart. In the Minjiang River outside the North Gate, red sand stones were laid according to the distance of the steps. There is no bridge deck. Pedestrians have to jump by, so the name is jumping rock. Upstream there is a rock pier that is four or five meters apart, covered with wooden boards, and fastened with iron chains to prevent flooding. The boards are narrow and people need to sideways to pass. The boat passed the jumping rock and had to row before a stone slope on the shore. The boatman got out of the boat and pushed the boat uphill. The bottom of the boat slipped on the rocks and made a banging sound, and then popped on the water, causing a wave to break the tranquility of the Minjiang River. In the evening, the women were washing their clothes by the river. School children come out of the North Gate and always love to play here.

Many people yearn for Phoenix, probably because of Mr. Shen Congwen s article. Almost all his works are set in Phoenix and Xiangxi. The glory and fireworks emanating from those words are fascinating. The former residence of Shen Congwen on Cross Street is a double-entry blue brick courtyard. In the middle patio, a water tank filled with water was placed. A small desk several decades ago was pulled out of the hole by the teenager Shen Congwen. The zimu desk with a marble surface under the Westinghouse window was transported back from Beijing after Shen Congwen returned to Phoenix in 1990.

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