Phoenix Ancient City Tour Tickets and Scenic Spots

During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Phoenix was the land of Wuxi Miaoman and belonged to the territory of Chu. In the long period of evolution, Phoenix once belonged to different counties and counties, and its name changed many times. Until 1957, it was finally decided as the Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

Phoenix is ​​rich in natural resources, and the scenery of mountains, water and caves is unlimited. The Nanhuashan National Forest Park covers an area of ​​more than 30,000 acres and has a beautiful ecological environment. The forest coverage area reaches more than 98%. There are more than 100 species of exotic animals and plants, with lush flowers and birds everywhere. Qiliang Cave is hailed as the second strange hole in China. The 12km long hole is a collection of quiet, strange, showy and sturdy features . It is strange and fascinating. The beautiful scenery of Tunliang Mountain Scenic Area has a variety of mountain-shaped appearances and cascading waterfalls. The scenic spots decorate the magical land of Phoenix, which adds infinite charm to Phoenix.

The beautiful mountains and rivers of Fenghuang are even more outstanding. According to incomplete statistics, in the short 36 years from the 20th year of Qing Dynasty (1840) to the first year of Qing Dynasty (1875), there were 20 admirals and 21 soldiers ., 43 Vice Admirals, 31 Generals, 73 guerrillas and more. During the Republic of China, Phoenix had seven generals and 27 majors. Since modern times, Phoenix talents have emerged, and a group of generals, senior leaders, writers, painters, and craftsmen have emerged. Especially with the appearance of the first elected cabinet prime minister, politician, philanthropist, and educator Xiong Xiling in the Republic of China, the famous writer and historian Shen Congwen, and the famous painter Huang Yongyu, Phoenix is not only famous throughout the country, but also known throughout the world.

Huangshan Mountain is nestled in the Minjiang River, surrounded by mountains, and is extremely magnificent. The mountains here are not high and beautiful, the water is not deep and clear, the peaks and hills meet, the rivers and rivers flow back, the green river meanders from under the ancient city walls, and the green foothills of Nanhua reflect the heart of Jiang. Fishing boat cruises in the middle of the river have several points, the twilight of the mountains and the twilight of the morning are ringing, and the hanging foothouse on the riverside is light and smokey, which can be described as the union of heaven and man.

The original Chu-Wul culture, unique Phoenix dialect, unique Hmong costumes, bitter and salty eating habits, as well as primitive drama living fossils, Tang opera, full of local flavor, and fragrant tea with earthy fragrance Lamps, as well as fresh and ancient folk crafts such as glass blow painting, batik, paper tie, and silver ornaments of the Miao nationality, constitute the unique folk customs of Phoenix.

There are 68 cultural relics and ancient buildings and 116 ancient sites in Fenghuang Ancient City. There are more than 120 characteristic residential buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are more than 20 Shibangu streets in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The well-preserved ancient city of Huangsiqiao in the old county of the Tang Dynasty is one of the most complete stone cities in China. The Great Wall of Western Hunan, which was built during the Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty, became the focus of international and domestic attention .

In the summer vacation, I went to the ancient city of Phoenix for a long time. Before I went there, I didnt know Phoenix very well. It was dusk to take a direct bus from Zhangjiajie to get there. But as soon as I arrived in Phoenix, I found that the shop was extremely easy to find, and there were so many people who lived there. And bargaining with the boss yourself, you can save some money or avoid friendship. Dear friends, to Phoenix, you must live in Tujia Hangjiao on the Minjiang River to enjoy the price. Well, a double standard (individual bathroom) with air conditioning can talk about 60 days. It seems that you don t have to be too nervous when traveling. The inn of Fenghuang Ancient City is so amazing. Family on the banks of the Minjiang River are next to each other, all of which are Tujia s hanging feet. Oh, fortunately, you can live in the Linjiang Room at the same price and listen to folk songs every morning.

When you get to Phoenix, you can go to Jishou or Huaihua first, and then transfer to there. Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai all have cars that go directly to Jishou and Huaihua. Huaihua to Phoenix Ancient City is about 4 hours, long-distance ticket 20 yuan to 25 yuan; CMB from Jishou to Phoenix 8 yuan / person, 10 cars per 10 minutes, 4 or 5 people are best chartered, an average of about 10 yuan per person, Hours drive.

There are a lot of CMB and noodles in Fenghuang County, so you don t have to worry about waiting for a car or something here, and the departure time is short. Of course, it is best to take a CMB, which is cheap and fast. There are bicycles for rent at the corner, 15 yuan / day. But in the county, walking is the best option, and walking around for an hour is enough.

黄 From July 1, 2003, rickshaws (motorized tricycles, 1 yuan in the city) have been banned by the government. Instead of taxis, the starting price is 2 yuan and 1.5 kilometers. There is also a bus (sightseeing bus) line. (Information provided by Phoenix local Korean workers).

When you come back, you can buy tickets at various booking points in Fenghuang County. There are many booking points. There is a train ticket booking office on the left side of the entrance of Fenghuang Bus Station where you can buy train tickets from Jishou and Huaihua.

But it is recommended not to go to Phoenix first, but to buy a ticket from Tongren-Alaying, about 12 yuan, about 60 minutes drive to see the ancient city of Huangsiqiao, then to the South Great Wall and then to Phoenix, so you can avoid going back, save time. The fare from the South Great Wall to Fenghuang is 3 yuan / person, about 30 minutes away.

Month On April 28, 2003, the world natural heritage Zhangjiajie and the national historical and cultural city Phoenix opened a tourist bus. Since then, mutual visits from Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang tourist areas can be reached by car.

There are many famous special dishes, such as blood baked duck, sour soup fish, boletus fried meat, sour cabbage tofu soup, bamboo shoots fried meat, bacon fried bracken, spicy reed, bacon, spicy chicken Wild vegetables also taste very good. The dishes are mainly sour and spicy, which makes people appetite.

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