Philippines: The stunning beauty of Boracay

Boracay (BORACAY), also known as Polak Island, is an island in the SULU Sea of ​​Alkan Province in central Philippines. It is no exaggeration to say that it is an island because it is only 7 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide. But don t underestimate this smallest island! The internationally well-known British BMW Travel Magazine has named it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world as early as 1994. If you are more careful, you can see the island s introduction in the airline s inflight magazine. 90% of the island is European tourists. In addition to the native language of the locals, it is dominated by German, French, and Western European languages, but as long as you can speak simple English.

Many tourists who have visited Boracay have not only come once. If you see an elderly foreigner who speaks German leaning in front of a small grocery store with a store size of not more than two pings, don t be surprised! Because many people live here for a few years.

The so-called Boracay, as the name suggests, is the most famous white sand beach with a length of 5 kilometers. When tourists take a boat to the shore of the island, they will find a strange phenomenon: there is no dock on the island! That was to preserve the original features of the island, and the locals did not build a pier. Therefore, tourists can only take off their shoes, roll up their trousers, carry their luggage in shallow waters 30 to 40 meters offshore, and learn to jump into the water like a local boatman and walk slowly towards the shore. This way of landing is unique.

Boracay can participate in countless activities such as water sports, bargain shopping, golf, and cross-island tours from one island to another.

Boracay s sailboats are different and are called crab boats . The whole ship has a long hull as its main axis, and has two pairs of wings protruding from the front and back. It looks like an I with its head up and down, and looks very strange. In fact, the so-called wings are four large nets that are tangled on wooden poles with thick hemp ropes, which are mainly used for people to ride, while the hull is used for food and water and personal belongings. Riding on such a sailing boat, all the way forward is like a big bird soaring at sea.

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