Palace Museum [Taipei, Taiwan]

The Palace Museum is located in Waishuangxi. It is built next to a mountain. The Biwa Zhulan is magnificent and magnificent. It is a Chinese palace-like building built after the Beiping Palace Museum. The square in front of the courtyard is built with torii stone steps, ancient Jie Yamu, and being in it is like returning to the old capital of China. The museum is divided into four floors. The ground floor is used for administrative speeches. The second and third floors are showrooms, collecting rare treasures from the royal collections of the past. Not only is the category rich, the collection of nearly 700,000 pieces is breathtaking, showing the glorious national history with a long history of Chinese culture. The Palace Museum was established in 1925 and has become an important city for the study and preservation of Chinese art and culture.

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