Handan City Museum is located in the center of the city and was built in 1968. With a construction area of ​​11,000 square meters, it is a palace displaying Handan s history and culture. It is a provincial cultural relics protection unit in Hebei Province and a patriotic education baseRead More →

Guanyin Temple is located in Guanyin Bridge, Jinchuan County. From Marconsi go 44 kilometers along the Somme River, cross the Red Flag Bridge of Kerr, and go 36 kilometers back to the Duke River. The journey is 80 kilometers to Guanyinqiao Township (2560 meters above sea level) and board theRead More →

The history of Macau is deeply connected with the sea. She originated in the early fourteenth century. At that time, fishermen in Fujian Province thought that Macau was a safe seaport, so they came one after another. Until the middle of the sixteenth century, the fearless Portuguese navigators came toRead More →

Huaqing Pond, with Yishan Mountain in the south, Weishui in the north, and 30 kilometers away from the ancient capital Xi an in the west. The geographically located makes it attractive to the emperors of all ages. Today, Huaqing Lake has become a well-known Chinese and foreign bathing resort. EndlessRead More →

Huayan Tourist Scenic Spot is located in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City, 15 kilometers away from the city center. It is strategically located and has a very geographically located. Huayan has a long history, ancient rocks have caves and springs, and the springs splash from the top of the caves inRead More →

Haiyan Sailing Club is located in the beautiful environment of Dapeng Jinshui Bay, Shenzhen, adjacent to the famous Dapeng Ancient City and Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station. Here the wind is good, the waves are small, the water is surrounded by sand on three sides , and the water isRead More →

The ancient glacial remains of Fogang are located in Qingtan Tsai, Huanghua Town, 18 kilometers south of the county seat. This is an ancient ice mortar that was left over from the ice age two to three million years ago. These ice mortars all over the rock formations are inRead More →

Dong Hot Spring is located on the Wubu River in Dongwen Town, Banan District, 68 kilometers away from the downtown area. The scenic mountains, water, forests, springs, waterfalls, gorges, caves and other natural landscapes and cultural traces and historical sites are rich. There are hot holes, ancient Buddha caves, fairyRead More →

Dongshan Island is located between Xiamen and Shantou Special Economic Zones in China. It is 110 nautical miles east of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and 210 nautical miles south of Hong Kong. There are 32 islands around the island, with a total area of ​​194 square kilometers. It is a key touristRead More →