Hunan Forest Botanical Garden is located in the southern suburbs of Changsha City, Hunan Forest Botanical Garden, Tianjiling National Forest Park and Hunan Wildlife Rescue and Breeding Center (three brands and a set of horses) next to the South Bus Station. It is a collection of scientific research, tourism andRead More →

Entering the gate of the Ocean World Park, the magnificent and joyful ocean greets you. Its surface area is 2,000 square meters, and there are various marine life sculptures and colorful fountains in the surroundings. The most exciting is another water area of ​​the Happy Ocean, where 30,000 tropical ornamentalRead More →

The Taiping River is located in the middle of the Wuling Mountains in Jiangkou County, Guizhou Province, and is the main component of the Taiping River Scenic Area in Fanjing Mountain. The scenic area is planned by the tourist belt of the nature reserve-Fanjingshan Scenic Area, Taiping River The raftingRead More →

Hangzhou Songcheng Tourist Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of West Lake Scenic Area, north of Wuyun Mountain and south of Qiantang River. It is the largest Song cultural theme park in China and was invested and constructed by Hangzhou Songcheng Group Co., Ltd. Song The slogan of GiveRead More →

The Zifeng, Xiangxiang Island, and Kangwang Temple are the main tourist sites in the county. There is a tomb of Mao Zejian martyrs at Zifeng Peak; the natural beauty of Xiangzhou is magnificent; the King Kang Temple was the site of the Hengshan Local Working Committee of the Communist PartyRead More →

Zijiang originates from Maoer Mountain, the first peak in South China at 2145.5 meters above sea level, and runs through the entire county. The coastline is Danxia landform landscape, integrating secluded, dangerous, beautiful and strange. The Langtian Yaozhai Village passing by the Zijiang River has a strong ethnic customs, andRead More →

A friend highly recommended to us the Wuling Mountain, which is said to be called Northern Huangshan. My friends still worked hard to explain the travel route of their party to us in detail. As for how the line will change from Wuling Mountain in Miyun to Yesanpo in Hebei,Read More →

The Wanquan River drifts from Yanyuan to Huishan Township. It is about 15 kilometers long and takes about 3 hours. Drifting on the Wanquan River has both the passion and excitement of passing through the rapids and the dangerous shoals when it is shocked, and the poetic and picturesque viewsRead More →