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Early Life and Youth
Born on the 24th of November 1975 to DONG Henry TEM and Paulina AMBUNG TEM both from the Mekaf Village, Fungom Subdivision and Menchum Division of the North West Region of Cameroon, Henriette was born in Mile Four Limbe, the South West Region of Cameroon. She is the first child in a family of six ( three boys and three girls).

Henriette grew up in Mile Four Limbe, where she completed her First School Education in 1988. She gained admission into Government Technical High School Ombe in 1988, where she obtained a CAP(Certificat d'Aptitude Professionelle) in Shorthand Typist in 1993, and a G.C.E A/Level in Secretarial Administration and Communication Skills in 1995, scoring the school a 2% success in the overall Technical GCE 1995 session,, where she was the only successful candidate.

She wrote and passed the entrance examination into the University Institute of Technology Douala, and was admitted meritoriously into year one of Bilingual Secretarial Administration. In 1998 she obtained an HND in Bilingual Secretarial Administration, and went job hunting.

After series of part time jobs with SO.NA.RA, CAMTEL and Group D. SANDJOUN, God blessed her with a permanent job with Africa's Telecommunications Giant MTN Cameroon in 2000.

In 2008, Henriette applied for a Masters Programme with the University of Douala, and was granted admission, She tediously worked and studied at the same time, and finally graduated with a Masters in Business Administrations in 2011. 

In 2012 she had a twist in life and resigned from MTN, joined the UNICEF Cameroon for temporal assignments, and today she is working on an individual platform to success.

Empowerment Efforts
Henriette is the National President of the Mekaf Women Cultural and Development Association, geared in the empowerment of the girl child in the Mekaf Community and support development activities in the Mekaf Village.

Henriette provides shelter for street children and integrates them socially, by giving them opportunities to learn a trade and make life useful.

Henriette has appeared so many times on different television series as lead actress, and features with the name Thatcher. She loves singing, writing reading, and is passionate about the happiness of others.

Henriette NSHAN TEM is a single mother of two, a boy 13 years and a girl 4 years.

For more information on Henriette NSHAN TEM, send queries to hnshantem66@gmail.com or call +237 678 269 970/ +237 655 861 266 [contact][full_width]

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