Ozu Island Tourism

Dazhou Island is located in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River. It is a newly developed tourist attraction integrating collective leisure and entertainment in northern Fujian. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, the island is evergreen, and the climate is pleasant. It is known as the Sun Island in northern Fujian. Spring is a season of birds and flowers. From the moment you set foot on the holiday island, you will feel the cosiness and relaxation that you have never experienced before, which will make you temporarily get rid of the noise, stressful work and trivial daily life of the city, and truly enjoy a return to nature. The island has water parachutes, racetracks, speedboats, racing cars, children s playgrounds, high-altitude adventures, cooperative vehicles, barbecues, surfers, horse-drawn carriages, archery ranges, bumper boats, rapids, surfing, antique paintings, water recreation parks and many more project.

Dazhou Island is located on the upper reaches of the Minjiang River. The small island is not large, and there are eating, living, and playing various entertainment facilities. You can take speedboats, golf, rock climbing, and swimming, but these items are suitable for summer and autumn. When the weather is relatively warm, Yes, the time on the island is suitable for 1-2 days. If it is too long, it will feel boring and boring.

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