Outdoor Sports Introduction-Paragliding

The feathers are tied into the body with wings and jumped from a height just to experience the excitement of soaring in the air. As everyone knows, this moment requires life to ignite. It is the unceasing thirst for flight of our ancestors that created the wings , paragliders, thousands of years later. No need to be trapped in the case, no artificial power to pull, just a colorful umbrella, you can dance in the blue sky, and feel the joy of harmony between heaven and man.

Paragliding originates from the unexpectedness of alpine climbers. Before 1984, it was only a popular adventure among a few climbers. It was not until the Pfeilon from Chamonix flew from Mont Blanc that the paraglider became famous overnight and quickly spread around the world. Getting popular .

Paragliding is also called hillside paragliding. It is not difficult to find from the word meaning. It is a combination of parachute and paraglider. It is not only novel and exciting, but also requires pilots to have a certain amount of courage, perseverance and physical strength.

As Paraglider is an easy-to-learn aircraft. Under the guidance of a professional instructor, you can learn basic operations in more than ten hours. The key is to master the take-off and landing operation methods and changes in wind direction and wind speed. Generally speaking, the wind speed is 2 ~ 5 meters per second. Beginners may wish to practice laying and raising umbrellas on flat ground. When you can quickly and securely pull up the umbrella, you can take the primary umbrella and climb the hill for more than ten meters to test flight. Unfold the paraglider and pull it up against the wind to inflate the umbrella s air chamber. Take a few steps down the slope, and your feet will voluntarily vacate, as if you were freed from the arms of the earth and turned into a bird. The primary umbrella is constructed so that it does not generate much lift, so it just glides along the slope. When landing, be sure to face the headwind, and pull down the two-handed joystick at the same time, s o that the paraglider generates lift and then gently land. Maybe your first flight lasted only a dozen seconds, but it was enough to inspire your courage to glide next time.

The flight suit must be a special parachute suit, because it must cope with intense exercise and protect the body, so it is necessary to keep the exposed part as small as possible even in summer.

Crotch strap A strap that is suspended under the umbrella to connect the umbrella suit with the pilot. Because it is very important, it must be carefully selected according to its own weight.

Hard hats The essentials for head protection when you are off the ground and landing. You must wear a helmet when practicing. Helmets for skating, cycling and rock climbing are all available (no children). Motorcycle helmets should be light and sturdy. Windproof goggles in front of children s caps should be removed to avoid impact and break the face. In order to clearly hear the navigation sounds of the surrounding and ground coaches, the ears must be open.

Gloves To avoid hand injuries during floor exercise, it is best to wear gloves. It is necessary to wear thin and durable ski gloves in winter, but not in winter.

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