Ocean Park [Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong]

Ocean Park is located at Ocean Park Road, Aberdeen, southern Hong Kong. Completed in January 1977. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides, borders on the deep water bay in the east, borders the East Bohai Strait in the south, and borders Dashuwan in the west. Covering an area of ​​870,000 square meters, it is the largest marine park in Asia. The park buildings are distributed on Nanlang Mountain and Huangzhukeng Valley. There is an aerial cable car between the two parks, and visitors only need to take the 1.4 km cable car to travel between the two parks, forming a complete park area. From the cable car, you can also enjoy the sea views of Deepwater Bay and Repulse Bay. It includes eight areas including Ocean World, Jigu Village, Green Field Garden, Bird Paradise, Mountain Motor City, Rapids World, Water Park and Children s Kingdom.

Ocean Park will provide all-weather fanatic activities. When a visitor arrives, the first priority is to confirm the performances and locations of the animals in the park, so that you can plan how to spend a good day here.

The main entrance of Ocean Park is located at the entrance of Huangzhukeng Park. Entering the garden, beautiful scenery such as artificial waterfalls and world gardens have come into view.

The marine world of Taonan Langshan Park is composed of an aquarium, a shark museum, a wave museum, an ocean theater and a 200-meter-high ocean skyscraper. The aquarium is an elliptical building. It is cleverly constructed, using a natural mountain recess, to build a circular fish tank with a height of three or four floors. It houses large sharks, large groupers, seahorses, sea dragons, turtles and coral fish. Four hundred species of marine animals. Through 6 cm thick glass, the water capacity is more than 1.97 million liters. About 5,000 tails and 400 different types of deep and shallow sea fish are reared in the pond. The shallow water layer has a depth of 2 meters and the deep water layer has a depth of 7 meters. A shallow water corridor and three deep water corridors are built around the pool for visitors to watch the colorful underwater world. Depending on the depth, visitors can watch fish of different ethnic groups, such as sharks, tropical fish, catfish and unknown giant fish, etc. Don t forget to look at the pair of fish kings lurking on the ground floor, people always feel it It s spiritual. Maybe it s an adult-like fish essence! The shark pavilion covers an area of ​​3500 square meters. It breeds dozens of brown nurse sharks, leopard sharks, Galapagos sharks and other different types of sharks. It uses electric pedestrian conveyors to carry tourists into the transparent tunnel to watch sharks.

Designed to imitate the natural environment, the Haitao Pavilion has a capacity of 1.5 million liters of water. The stunning nature of the shore is reproduced by electric motors. The waves of the sea are as high as 1 meter. Seals and sea lions bathed in the scattered rocks and penguins strolled on the beach. The Ocean Theater is an open-air theater for high-altitude diving stunt performances and sea lion and dolphin performances. There is a giant pool with a length of 53 meters, a width of 18 meters , and a depth of 6.3 meters. The pool has a grandstand that can accommodate 3,000 to 5,000 spectators. Here, you can watch the water shows of trained marine dolphins, sea lions, killer whales and other marine animals. It is the most attractive place for tourists.

Jigu Village is based on the history of more than 5000 years in China. It is an epitome of buildings from the pre-Qin to the Ming and Qing dynasties. It has towering city silhouettes, palaces, stupas, grottoes, and Buddha statues. It Reflects the prosperous times of the Han and Tang Dynasties. Various figures in ancient costumes shuttled between ancient roads and houses. An imitation giant Zheng He voyage to the west anchored on the shore of Dashuwan.

The rapids world includes windsurfing ships, space ferris wheels, etc. Bird paradise includes a hundred torii, bird paradise, bird theater and so on. The mobile city on the mountain includes interstellar spiders, crazy roller coasters, and sky-swinging boats. Greenfield Garden includes the Goldfish Grand View Garden, the Fish Paradise, the Butterfly House, and the Tropical Greenhouse. The children s kingdom includes facilities such as a children s playground, a happy theater, and a high-altitude diving pool. In the park, there are climbing cable cars and outdoor climbing elevators for tourists. The outdoor climbing elevator is 225 meters long. It climbs up and down the slope at a 30-degree inclination according to the mountain situation, and goes up and down to the Haitao Pavilion and Dashuwan on the south looking hill, carrying 4,000 passengers per hour. Is currently the world s longest outdoor climbing elevator system. The park is exquisitely laid out and contains science, culture an d education in amusement.

The water park on the side of Ocean Park is a fresh and fun water sports venue. Large water slides, diving platforms, a variety of swimming pools and winding waterways are fun to forget. This is one of the best equipped water play centers in Asia .

Ocean Park also built a new home for An An and Jia Jia, the cats and bears presented to the mainland last year. These cute cats and bears have also become the stars of Ocean Park. Their cute looks are really cute.

In addition, taking the cable car is also a very interesting activity. Tourists will be hung in a fragile car, but they dont know when the cable car stops and starts. It is roaring in the strong winds of the four directions, and the rough sea is under the cable car.

Transportation The transportation to and from Ocean Park is very convenient. You can purchase the Citybus Package at Admiralty MTR Station or Citybus Station at Star Ferry Terminal in Central, and take the Citybus 629 line directly to Ocean Park. The package includes admission fees to Ocean Park and round-trip fares. Alternatively, you can take the following buses, get off after passing through the Aberdeen Tunnel, and take a few more steps, Ocean Park is right in front of you

Ocean Park originally had Jigucun Restaurant and some fast food restaurants. Since Mr. Sheng Zhiwen, who is known as the “Father of Lan Kwai Fong”, has been appointed Chairman of Ocean Park, he has paid more attention to the construction of catering facilities . Two new restaurants will be added in 2006-Bayview Restaurant serving buffets and Terrance Cafe serving snacks. It is planned to increase the number of restaurants in the park to 27 around 2010.

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