Northeast Tiger Forest Park [Harbin, Heilongjiang]

The Northeast Tiger Forest Park is located in Songbei New District on the east side of Sun Island, on the north bank of the beautiful Songhua River, covering an area of ​​one million square meters. It is home to China s largest Siberian tiger herd.

The tiger park in the Northeast Tiger Forest Park covers an area of ​​360,000 square meters and is the largest wild tiger garden in the world. Thirty spotted tigers are stocked in the park. Visitors can enjoy the thrilling scenes of tigers and cattle fighting, and tigers fighting for food just by roaming among the tigers in a special coach. Novelty is exciting and unforgettable for life.

八 Northeast eight stews: pork stewed noodles, lamb stewed sauerkraut, beef stewed potatoes, meat bone stewed tofu, mushroom stewed chicken, demoli stewed fish, carrot stewed pork ribs, beef stewed shredded carrot must not be missed.

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