North Seaside Resort

In the north of Cairns, there is a 26-kilometer coastline along Captain Cook Highway. Eight scenic beach resorts are distributed along the way, each with their own interesting history and different styles. They are: Machans, Holloways, Yorkeys Knob, Trinity, Kewarra, CIlfton, palm Cove, and Ellis Beach.

Palm Cove and Trinity Beach are resorts with more tourists. The beautiful bay scenery, the palm groves of the promenade, the fine and clean beaches, various resorts and high-end apartments built by the sea, and various flavor restaurants and bars along the beach attract a large number of tourists every day.

Famous Around the northern seashore, there are also many famous tourist places. Yorkeys Knob, about 10 kilometers from Cairns, has the world-famous Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, and the Rainforest Skyline Station, which has won several Queensland Tourism Awards. Both Queen Elizabeth II and the former Chinese President have visited here.

Nearby Near the Trinity Beach, just north of Yorkeys Knob, is an 18-hole world-class palm paradise golf course. Its beautiful surroundings and first-rate facilities are loved by golf lovers.

Similarly, in the middle of CIlfton Beach and Palm Cove, you must not miss the Wild World Keynes Tropical Zoo, where Australia s unique animals, birds and reptiles are gathered. There is also a night animal experience including barbecue dinners, night animals watching bush activities and bush dancing.

Opening hours of the North Seaside Resort: Monday to Friday 08: 30-16: 30, Saturday 10: 30-16: 30;

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