Marine Park Tourism Introduction China Tourism

Lushun Coastal Park (Coastal Park) is located on the northern shore of Lushun Port, south of Baiyu Mountain Scenic Area, at the foot of Baiyu Mountain. The entire amusement park covers an area of ​​5,200 square meters. This place was originally a warehouse and a breakwater dam. Due to the age of disrepair of buildings and stone steps, it was extremely inconsistent with the surrounding natural scenery. After it was designated as a scenic area, it was built from April 1986 to May the following year Coastal characteristic coast park.

At the center of Erhai Lake Coastal Park, there is a stone monument 2.4 meters high, 0.8 meters thick and 1.5 meters wide. It is a natural boulder selected in the old iron mountain and weighs about one ton. The front of the monument is engraved with the three characters Lvshunkou, and the back is engraved with the inscription from Lushunkou. At the west end of the park is a huge carved bronze Lion Lion. Against the majestic blue sky, white clouds, blue sea, and military port, it is even more majestic and magnificent. It symbolizes the new life of the ancient lion s mouth and adds to the charming legends of Lushun Magic colors. On the left side of the entrance to the East Gate of the Garden, there is a 1.2-meter-high white marble sculpture Night of the Harbor. On the black marble base, a dignified and beautiful girl sits on the moon and flicks the strings. It seems that visitors can hear the moving melody of the night of the military harbor.

Gion also planted 478 Malian turf with 14 varieties of various trees. In the park, there are two sets of rattan racks, concrete round tables, stone benches, etc. cast by umbrella-shaped concrete steel bars for visitors to rest. People who come here for sightseeing can not only watch sculptures of different styles, but also stroll along the stone steps of the coast and admire the charming scenery of the military harbor.

The stone of the stele was collected from Lao Tieshan. The monument is 2.4 meters high, 1.5 meters wide, 0.8 meters thick, and is beige. The three bright red characters Lushunkou on the front are carved from the font of Mr. Guo Moruo. The back is engraved with the geographical location and history of Lushunkou, written by Han Xingfang. This monument was formally established on May 1, 1987.

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