Love World Tickets

Sanya Love World is located east of Tianya Haijiao to Dabinghe, south of the ignition station to the south, and covers an area of ​​473.06 acres with a total investment of more than 300 million yuan.

The construction goals of the Sanya Love World project are: to create a beautiful environment of mountains and water, green trees, flowers, gardens, streams, waterfalls, and people and animals. By showing animals and animals, animals and The situation where people share a common fun, enhance people s understanding of wildlife and raise people s awareness of protection of wild animals and plants. The entire project integrates viewing, amusement, food, shopping, scientific research, science popularization and environmental education.

Construction contents include: Eco-science and technology museum, Elephant performance hall, Tiger performance hall, Crocodile performance hall, Wisdom pig performance hall, Thai restaurants mainly based on crocodile dinner, Sanya flower Bougainvillea garden, Tropical orchid garden, Special product shopping Shopping malls , etc. The participation of project tourists is very prominent, full of fun and knowledge. Sanya Love World will be the most influential and attractive tourist spot in Hainan Province.

Traffic guide: Take a taxi from the urban area (25-30 yuan can be reached). Take the tourist bus Yalong Bay in the urban area to the Tianya Haijiao direction and get off at the Love World Station (3 -5 yuan).

Accommodation guide: Recommended to stay in major hotels in Sanya City: International Hotel, Oriental Hotel, Jinshan Holiday Hotel, Giya Hotel, Tomorrow Hotel, Central Asia Hotel, Tangnan Hotel, Sunshine Hotel

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