Liaoning launches special winter tourism activities to promote ice and snow economic development

On November 28, the Liaoning Provincial Government Information Office organized a press conference on the development of winter ice and snow tourism and ice and snow sports industry in the province from 2019 to 2020. At the meeting, Wang Xiaojiang, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, said that Liaoning will work hard to turn cold resources into hot industries, enrich and activate the winter tourism market in Liaoning, and promote the growth of winter tourism consumption.

Liaoning ice and snow tourism has distinctive characteristics. In order to give full play to the comparative advantages of snow and ice tourism and show the new style of winter tourism activities, from December 2019 to the end of February 2020, Liaoning launched discovering the beauty of Liaoning and feeling the goodness of Liaoning. I am waiting for you in Liaoning. As a slogan, a series of winter tourism activities under the theme of passionate snow and ice, romantic hot springs, meeting in Liaoning , and playing ice and snow, soaking in hot springs, going to Liaoning, and celebrating New Year as a carrier, showing the beautiful China-ice and snow Beautiful view.

According to Wang Xiaojiang, Liaoning makes full use of the advantages of the ice and snow hot spring resources to cultivate new formats of the ice and snow industry. Through the development of ice and snow + health, it builds an ice and snow hot spring recreational tourism brand. Cultural festivals, snow yangko and other activities to create a new cultural highland with snow and ice characteristics; the development of ice and snow + education to cultivate the main body of ice and snow industry consumption.

It is understood that in this year s winter tourism activities in Liaoning, each city highlights local characteristics, and has launched boutique tourism such as red tourism, ice and snow tourism, rural tourism, sports tourism, and recreational vacations. At the same time , integrating traditional culture, launching activities such as “Manchu farmhouses celebrating the New Year”, “Bed and Breakfast, New Year”, “Cherry Picking, New Year”, “Seafood, New Year” and other activities, which comprehensively show the temperature and warmth of winter tourism in Liaoning. And warm.

The hotspot of the winter tourism market in Liaoning is reflected in the increase in tourist sources and income from tourism-related companies such as Bingxue Hot Spring, B \\ u0026 B farms, hotels and restaurants, outdoor sports, and tourism complexes. Since the beginning of winter, the province s tourism consumption has been active, and tourism activities have been colorful, The year-round flavor is rich and the experience is diverse. The enthusiasm of the mass travel is soaring, and the number of tourists and tourism income are both hitting record highs. Wang Xiaojiang said.

In order to further promote the development of Liaoning s ice and snow economy, Wang Xiaojiang said that from this year to 2025, Liaoning Province will initially build a full ice and snow industry chain with the ice and snow sports, leisure and tourism industry as its core. Formed by the Ice and Snow Tourism, Ice and Snow Sports, Ice and Snow Culture key ice and snow projects, the ice and snow equipment manufacturing has begun to take shape, the market vitality has been fully released, the infrastructure is basically complete, and the industrial system is relatively complete.

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