Lantau Island Tourism

Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong, with an area equivalent to two Hong Kong islands. Take a bus from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping. The trees are lush and the mountains are undulating along the way. The Fenghuang Mountain and Dadong Mountain in the meantime maintain the original natural features. The south coast has many headlands and bays. The coastline of Lantau Island has long twists and turns, and the harbor and beaches, mountains and flowing water, natural landscapes and historical monuments complement each other. Traveling all over the island is like completing the shuttle journey of interlaced time.

A tour of the southwestern part of Lantau Island can be said to be a historic step. From Shibi Dam, walk southwest along the water diversion channel for more than an hour and reach Gouling Bay. In addition to being listed as the best camping site by many outings, the erected Southern Lantau Stone Tablet also witnessed the British forced China to sign an unequal treaty and lease the New Territories a hundred years ago. Standing on the boundary of the lease, the endless South China Sea, Suoyu Islands, Guishan Island, and Wanshan Islands are all within easy reach. Tourists can enjoy infinitely beautiful scenery here.

Going further west is the extreme west in Hong Kong-diversion. It is reported that here is the intersection of the yellow mud water of the Pearl River Delta in the west and the clear salty water of the South China Sea in the east. The clear water and the muddy water are separated, so the name is diverted. At the edge of the meniscus-shaped diversion Dongwan, there was a Yongzheng period fortress. At that time, it had taken the responsibility of guarding the waters from Lantau to the Pearl River. In addition, the nearby Fenliu Village, Fenliu University, and Tianhou Temple, although all vacant and spoiled, are ancient and worth visiting.

竹 The Zhuyuan Jingshe on Ngong Ping Road must be visited, and there is a lotus picture in the middle hall. This lotus is not painted by ordinary artists, but is from the emperor Cixi s imperial pen. The emperor s seal of the Empress Cixi is printed on it, which is a treasure of Zhenshan. According to legend, in the early days of the fall of Hong Kong, the Japanese army did not dare to walk when they passed through the Zhuyuan Jingshe, and they only walked quietly, even more afraid to enter the harassment. The empress Empress Cixi s royal pen lotus picture was thus saved. Although there is no flourishing incense in the Po Lin Monastery here, it is more elegant and refined. From Tung Chung via Shaluowan , Shenqu, to Tai O Baozhu Lake, there is an ancient road about 8 kilometers in length. The old road was built along the coast and has always been a favorite section of hikers. There are also some Hakka townhouses along the way, which are rarely seen on Lantau.

The fishing village of Tai O Fishing Village is extremely rich in style, and it is the most lively tourist resort on Lantau Island. The river here stretches in an in shape. The end of that skim is the entrance to the sea in Tai O Village, and the sea is the famous Lingdingyang. In the evening, standing on the bridge of the ferry and watching the Lingding Sunset, there is another vicissitudes in the magnificent scenery. The ferry rents a yacht, enters the water village river , and travels all the way. The most distinctive hanging foot of the Tai O water village is dizzying …

宝 The Po Lin Monastery on the Ngong Ping Plateau on Lantau Island is one of the largest Buddhist resorts in Hong Kong. Founded in 1924, the Po Lin Monastery is only 70 years old, but because of the large scale of the building and the beautiful terrain environment, it is known as the Southern Buddha Kingdom and is the first of the four major Zen forests in Hong Kong. Opposite the Zen Temple Torii, there is a newly built world s largest bronze Buddha statue, the Big Buddha of Heaven . The Buddha s base has three floors, and a big bell inside, taps every seven minutes for people to relieve 108 kinds of troubles. Together with Baolian Temple, it forms a famous Buddhist tourism area.

Phoenix Mountain is the highest peak of Lantau Island at 934 meters.

Take the subway or bus to Tung Chung, then transfer to the bus to various tourist spots. Tung Chung is close to the Hong Kong International Airport and is a transit point for Lantau tourism. From Tung Chung, you can reach Mui Wo, Tai O and Ngong Ping by bus. The journey time is about 45 minutes. Tourists who like to take a sea ferry can also take a ferry to Mui Wo at Ferry Pier 6 and then transfer to various tourist spots.

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