Jumping pattern

Bungee jumping not only can fully feel the thrill of free fall, but also enjoy the fun of rebound weightlessness. Therefore, in addition to increasing your own courage, you can also have the ability to challenge yourself, overcome fear, and conquer gravity! Bungee jumping has taken many forms to this day.

This jump method is to tie the waist to stand on the jumping platform and use the back-jump method to jump off. This is the first prescribed basic movement for beginners of bouncing. When bouncing, it seems to fall out of the bottomless pit. Suddenly it bounced upwards in seconds. The bounce lasted 4 to 5 times. The person hung safely in the air. The whole process was about 5 seconds. It was really nervous and exciting.

Jump This jump is a way of standing in front of a jumping platform and leaping down. This is another attempt to do the first basic moves for beginners. This jump method is similar to the waist-backed jump, but the bouncer is face down and can really feel the visual stimulation.

This jump method is the coolest jump method. The equipment is tied to the ankle strap. The bouncer stands on the diving platform and faces downwards. Like the diver, the bouncer counts down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and then doubles up. Arm, dive down is very exciting.

This jump method is the most difficult one. Tie the equipment to the ankle. The bouncer stands on the jumping platform with his back facing down. The bouncer counts down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and then expands his arms and flips backwards. This jump method requires strong waist strength and Full of courage, you can experience the way to tie your waist and your feet.

This jump method is known as the feeling of being closest to death. The bouncer tied the equipment to his back and counted down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 after hanging down with his hands and chest and feet, as if falling from a high altitude. Suddenly the earth hovered, the ground things changed from small to large, very exciting.

This jumping method is the highest state for you to let your lover swear an oath of love to you. When the two rebound in the air, the bouncing rope fastens the two together, and requires one of them to have the bouncing experience to do this . Xiang sweet and thrilling double jump.

Bungee skills and numbers can also be divided into: freestyle-can touch the water, roll forward, roll backward, single jump, double jump, etc., each game will make you feel different.

Recently, a brand new flying bungee has appeared, attracting many fans. Flying bungee is commonly known as bungee ball. It looks like a hot air balloon. After hanging the exposed chair, fasten your seat belt, and add a few weight-added sandbags , you only need to kick your feet to the ground, and you can fly in a few seconds. At a height of ten meters, you can feel the feeling of roaming in the clouds.

As a new type of leisure and entertainment project, Feitian Bungee has low requirements on the operating site, small capital investment, simple operation and good safety performance (four-fold insurance of main rope, safety rope, emergency rope and strong switch rope), especially suitable for The waterfront, tourist areas, resorts and stadiums operate, and the revenue from their sphere advertising is also considerable. It can also be used for high-altitude positioning photography, auxiliary performances, and high-altitude lighting. Flying bungee has neither the trouble of playing hot air balloon nor the skills of manipulating paragliders, but it has the same lifting experience as them, making people feel its thrill, excitement and novelty, becoming a brand new leisure sports entertainment project.

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