Japanese girl came to China to say bluntly: this thing must be bought

The distance between Japan and China is very close. Chinese people often travel to Japan to buy various skin care products, cosmetics, and daily necessities. Japanese people also often come to China to experience the influence of traditional Chinese culture. So what do Japanese people buy in China?

Japanese people can really buy a lot of things when they come to China for tourism. Recently, a Japanese girl came to China for tourism and opened the burst buying mode at once. Frankly: This stuff must be bought. Many Chinese aunts go to Japan to travel and buy a lot of Japanese things to return to their country, but they rarely hear Japanese people come to China for shopping sprees. In fact, there are quite a few Japanese who come to China for shopping sprees. What do they generally buy ?

They usually buy things with the most Chinese characteristics, such as tea. In addition to porcelain, tea is almost synonymous with China, and the Japanese especially like Chinese-made tea. Tea in China is not particularly expensive, but when Chinese tea is shipped abroad, it will be sold at a high price. Japanese people want to buy good Chinese tea, but also have to pay a lot of money, so many Japanese people come to China and buy many Chinese famous teas. Japanese tea ceremony culture has a deep breath. Japanese tea ceremony is a branch developed in China s tea ceremony, so Japanese people especially like Chinese tea and tea culture.

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