Is there one of your favorite places to go in China’s top ten winter tourist destinations?

In winter, there are winter vacations for students, and New Year s Day and Spring Festival for office workers. So where do friends who want to travel this winter go? It is better to travel in winter. If you have no destination, listen to the editor You recommend several places suitable for winter travel!

China has 9.6 million square kilometers. No matter which season, there will be beautiful scenery waiting for you to see. So where is the best place to travel in winter in China? Xiaobian selects 3 different characteristics and recommends to everyone. You can choose by type and take a look Right!

Where to travel in winter is better-Harbin

Recommended reason: The best travel time in Harbin is summer and winter. Wrapped in silver in winter, extremely enchanting. Although the climate is cold, there are snow and ice fields that are very different from the Jiangnan water villages. Coupled with the local characteristics of ice lanterns, snow sculptures, and various snow and ice entertainment activities, tourists will fully feel the endless joy given by the snow and ice.

Impossible What are the highlights of traveling to Harbin in winter?

Recommended Travel to Harbin in winter-Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Not to be missed: Snow World Yabuli Ski Resort

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival: Today s largest snow ice festival in the world, with the most ice and snow landscapes, the most complete ice and snow entertainment projects, the most beautiful night scenes, and the most exciting activities, the Ice and Snow Disneyland -Harbin Ice and Snow Festival will open on January 5.

Yabuli Ski Resort: Mention the most famous ski resort, Yabuli. If you can safely slide down the advanced ski trails in Yabuli, you can proudly become a ski master. Yabuli Ski Resort has China s first ski slope, China s first- scale, international advanced technology snowmaking system, and China s first spectacular ski hall. Open field of view, mountain-shaped terrain, snow roads.

Recommended Recommended to Harbin in winter——Fengqing Street

Harbin has a beautiful scenery and a strong Eastern European atmosphere. It is known as the Moscow of the East. The city s architecture is a mixture of Chinese and Western cultures, with a distinctive style and a long history of humanities. It is not only a collection of the history and culture of northern minorities, but also a famous city combining Chinese and Western cultures. The majestic St. Sophia Church, the wonderfully shaped Russian wooden houses, the elegant and unique Gothic buildings, the central streets of European-style buildings, and the elegant and lively architectural colors all reflect the unique charm of Oriental Moscow.

Recommended Winter trip to Harbin recommended-Russian Western food

Affected by geographical and cultural factors, Russian Western food has a long history in Harbin, which is almost a century old. Later, with the gradual development of Harbin, more Russian, Polish, and Jewish businessmen poured into Harbin, and the local diet also gathered the advantages of many countries. Today, tasting Russian-style Western food in Harbin is not just about enjoying the mouthful, but more about fully experiencing the rich exotic flavor of Harbin Russian Western food.

Need what do I need to pay attention to when traveling to Harbin in winter?

Note Precautions for traveling to Harbin in winter——clothing articles

In view of the great north-south climate difference in winter in China, tourists can buy down jackets, woolen pants and other cold-proof clothing locally after arriving in Kazakhstan. This will not only be cheap, thick and cold-resistant, but also reduce the burden of luggage when traveling. But when buying, it is recommended that tourists try not to choose a white one. Harbin is full of ice and snow in winter, and is dressed in white. It is not easy to be found by tourists or vehicles in the distance. It is also prone to collisions when skiing. Hats, scarves, and gloves are also essential items, so be sure to prepare them.

Note Precautions for travelling to Harbin in winter-articles on daily necessities

Winter is generally dry in the north, and Harbin is no exception. Skin and lips are prone to dryness. Skin care products, especially lip balms and hand creams, should be provided in advance.

Note Precautions for Traveling to Harbin in Winter-Equipment

In Harbin, which is tens of degrees below zero, all equipment must be kept warm, such as cameras and mobile phones. Be extra careful and use it outdoors.

Where to travel in winter is better-Xiamen

Haven t you come back from the snow and ice in Harbin? Come to Xiamen to be warm! Where to go in winter is better to travel, Xiaomao Xiaobian recommends everyone to Xiamen

Recommended reason: Xiamen has no severe cold in winter and no hot summer in summer, and it has long sunshine and abundant sunshine. The trees are evergreen all year round and the flowers are in full bloom. Xiamen in winter is not the peak season for tourism, so you can experience the leisurely life of Xiamen!

Which What scenery can t be missed when traveling to Xiamen in winter?

Recommended Recommended to Xiamen in winter-travel around Gulangyu

The small Gulangyu Island has a small area, but it has a lot of fun. The winding streets, the gourmet shops everywhere, and the dazzling personality shops don t infringe each other.

Recommended Winter trip to Xiamen recommended-cycling around the island road

Xiamen s Ring Road, next to the mountains and the sea, with green grass and coconut trees, a subtropical style, clean and tidy roads, and fresh air. You can rent a bike, ride the sea on the most beautiful marathon, and listen to the sea breeze.

Recommended Recommended to Xiamen in winter——look for the shadow of youth in Xiamen University

Stroll through the most beautiful university campus in China. The young taste will bring you back to the green onions. The biggest highlight of Xiamen University (XX) is the Furong Tunnel, which is the most literary tunnel in China, with a total length of 1.01 kilometers. The walls of the tunnel are full of graffiti painted by Xiamen University students. In addition, Xiamen University has scenic spots such as Furong Lake and Lover s Valley Reservoir. The atmosphere is quiet and romantic. There is a saying of love in Xiamen University , and there are often newcomers taking wedding photos on the beach outside the school.

Need What should I pay attention to when traveling to Xiamen in winter?

Note Precautions for traveling to Xiamen in winter——clothing articles

Xiamen is the coldest in January every year, with the lowest temperature of 9-11 ℃. At this time, it is best to wear a thick cotton or down jacket, which can be worn with a shirt and a sweater.

Attention Precautions for traveling to Xiamen in winter-health

Xiamen is a national sanitary city. The local government has imposed severe penalties on littering and damage to the neatness of the city. Besides, smoking is prohibited in public places and offenders will also be punished. You must pay attention to traveling to Xiamen.

Note Precautions for travelling to Xiamen in winter-custom taboos

Don t insert chopsticks on the rice when eating, because incense is often added to the rice during sacrifice. This is disrespect to people;

When entertaining guests, it is most taboo to set six dishes, because according to the old Qing dynasty, prisoners eat only six dishes before imprisonment;

Don t talk about monkeys in front of babies, thinking that talking monkeys will cause babies to be sick and difficult to raise; don t brag about their obesity, and say good-looking and good to raise.

Where to travel in winter is better-Sanya

Say goodbye to Xiamen, which is mild even in winter, and we will soon be in winter. We can wear summer clothes and beach shoes to stroll on the sunny beach, soak in the warm sea water, eat tropical fruits, and enjoy the romantic Sanya in the End of the World Yalong Bay in Sanya is a national tourist scenic area. It enjoys a pleasant climate. It can avoid cold in winter and summer in summer. The natural scenery is beautiful. The bay is smooth and the beach is white as silver. Sanya returns without looking at the sea, except that Yalong is not a bay. This is a sincere praise from tourists to Yalong Bay.

Recommended reason: Sanya s autumn and winter are warm and pleasant, and winter is the best time to travel to the beach. In December of each year, Sanya City holds an international wedding festival. The festival location is generally selected in a place that is both memorable and beautiful, such as Tianya Haijiao, making tourism a lifelong event.

Which What scenery can t be missed when traveling to Sanya in winter?

Recommended for Sanya in winter——Soak in the hot spring once, complain under the coconut tree

There are hot springs everywhere, but taking hot springs under coconut trees is definitely difficult to experience in other parts of China. This is the beauty of the Pearl River Nantian Hot Spring. There are about 50 different hot spring pools in the area, all of which are open-air. Surrounded by coconut trees around, a pool of turquoise green pools, shallow water depth, smelling the scent of the surrounding flowers, looking up to the unique tropical island decorated with coconut trees The refreshing sky, hugs with the beloved , and talks about the marginal love, as if passing by.

Recommended Recommended to Sanya in winter——go to Luhui to see the night view of Sanya

Lucheng. The mountain headland and the waves illuminate here. Standing on the mountain overlooks the vast sea and the undulating mountains. Panoramic views of Sanya City, especially when you arrive in the evening, the scenery is extremely spectacular.

Recommended Recommended to Sanya in winter-pick up shells at Coconut Dream Promenade in the evening

The Coconut Dream Promenade has a reputation of First Avenue in Asia. It is 20 kilometers long, and on the side facing the sea is a charming tropical botanical garden, which contrasts with golden beaches and blue seas. This is probably the most civilian beach. It has the freshest sea breeze and brings the simplest happiness.

What should I pay attention to when traveling to Sanya in winter?

Note Precautions for Traveling to Sanya in Winter-Bank

Sanya has few ATMs, so try to figure out how much cash you need to spend and bring more appropriately. Hotels and restaurants in Yalong Bay, Dadonghai can be swiped by credit card. However, if you plan to taste seafood in the first market and purchase tropical fruits and seafood from Honggang Market, you should remember to prepare cash in advance.

Attention Precautions for traveling to Sanya in winter——travel equipment

If it s winter, it s best to bring a jacket, even if it s warm.

Utensils Swimwear, swimming cap, water goggles, sunscreen, medicine are all essentials

What other fun places are there in winter? In addition to the severe cold and snow in winter, there are special terrains such as deserts, snowy mountains, lakes, and grasslands. Let s explore with Xiaobian together!

Where to travel in winter is better-Tibet

The average winter temperature in Tibet is 5 ° C higher than Beijing, and the daytime temperature is generally above 15 ° C. Not to mention the excitement of the Tibetan New Year and the grandeur of the snow-capped mountains in the Tibetan area, simply basking in the warm sunshine of winter in the urban area of ​​Lhasa in the city of Sunlight is an experience not to be missed by a Tibetan fan.

If you come to Tibet in winter, you can enjoy the sun in Lhasa. In Lhasa, there are not as many tourists in winter as in the peak season. You can more comfortably visit the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Bajiao Street. And cultural activities are staged one by one in all parts of Tibet, so that you can feel the original Tibetan national character and Tibetan cultural charm.

If you come to Tibet in winter, you can leisurely explore the best route to Tibet as agreed by the Tibetans. The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon-Potala Palace-Mount Everest. The difficulty of the three places is gradually increasing. Tourists can Challenge according to to physical condition.

Where to travel in winter is better-Yinchuan

Yinchuan in winter is not really cold in the north, and the northwest wind brings a touch of coziness. Here, you can not only experience the magnificence of the northwestern land in winter, experience the ancient history and culture, taste the special halal food, but also experience the unique charm of the northwest ice and snow sports.

Come if you travel to Yinchuan in winter, you can enjoy snow and rock paintings in Helan Mountain. In the winter, Helan Mountain is covered with snow, and it has changed from the bleak and rough in the past, showing the enchanting beauty wrapped in silver. Whenever the north wind blows, thousands of silver flowers and white snow waves come and go. In the winter, the Yinchuan section of the Yellow River is a little wild, and the ice of the Yellow River under the setting sun becomes a unique landscape.

来 If you travel to Yinchuan in winter, you can also play snow in the sand lake. The sand lake in winter has abundant ice and snow resources, and there are crystal clear ice hanging trees hanging everywhere, making the desert scenery more majestic and holy . The frozen lake becomes a natural skating rink, and the rolling dunes covered with snow are a paradise for ski lovers. Here, visitors can participate in various sports such as winter fishing, winter fishing, skiing, spinning tops, ice bikes, snowmobiles, etc. The northwestern people s hospitable glory in all kinds of wonderful snow sports.

Where to travel in winter is better-Hong Kong

Where to travel in winter is better. Friends who like shopping can travel to Hong Kong in winter. There is Christmas in winter. Hong Kong Christmas is definitely a good time to discount. You must not miss shopping.

Hong Kong best travel time in winter

October-November: Take a stroll to Victoria Harbour or take a hike to the outlying islands (Lamma Island, Cheung Chau). The wind and sunny days are comfortable.

December-March: Hong Kong s discount season, shopping areas are mainly concentrated in Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Central, Causeway Bay and other places. The greater the discount, the fewer good goods.

What should I wear when traveling to Hong Kong in winter?

Autumn (late September to early December) is sunny and dry. Just shirts, sweaters, and outerwear. May to November is a typhoon-prone season. Remember to bring rain gear.

The weather is cool in winter (mid December to late February). Wear a suit and a thin sweater, and add a coat when it is the coldest. If you go to the beach, you d better bring more clothes.

In winter in China, whether you want to experience Harbin, the purest world of snow and ice, or Xiamen, which is mild and comfortable in winter, or Sanya, which has golden beaches and charming seas in winter, are you still wondering where to travel in winter? See where the Xiaomao Xiaobian recommends your travel recommendations in winter!

How cold is the Northeast in winter? How should the Northeast play?

Harbin Winter Tourism Route, Harbin Winter Itinerary

Cold How is Harbin? How cold is Harbin?

[Chongming Dongtan Bird Watching Season] Chongming Island has the best months of bird watching, and Chongming Island has the best time for bird watching

Look at the sunrise in Oroqen, remember to cut your nose hair or you will be at your own risk!

The world of ice and snow integrates the essence of the world s ice and snow art, and melts snow and ice entertainment activities in one garden. Here, you can enjoy the world s highest, longest and largest ice and snow landscape, world -renowned buildings, classic cartoon images, and European songs and dances Performances, Harbin Ice Acrobatics Show, outdoor large-scale ice and snow performances and other colorful snow and ice activities. It has become the city card of Harbin.

The big ice slides, ice climbing rocks, mazes, snow battles, snow footballs, and ice hockey are enough for you to see the snow and ice scenery of Harbin, especially at night, when the colorful lights are open, it is like being in the same place. A children s line of ice lanterns

Hagia Sophia is the largest Orthodox church in the Far East. The country was founded in March 1907, and was a chapel built by the Fourth Infantry Division of Eastern Siberia, Russia. It was rebuilt until its completion in 1932. It is currently the most perfect Byzantine building in China. This building, which was born nearly a century ago, is magnificent, simple and elegant, and full of charming colors.

The walls of the church are all made of clear water and red brick, with a huge and full onion dome on the crown. They command the four-wing tents of different sizes to form a master-slave layout. There are stairs connected between the four floors, and there are four doors in, out, and out. The top of the main entrance is the bell tower, and the seven bronze-cast music bells are exactly seven notes. The bells are trained by hands and feet of trained bell knockers to knock the bells.

The towering and magnificent St. Sophia Church is also an important testimony of the historical testimony of Tsarist Russia s invasion of the Northeast and the study of the modern history of Harbin. The interior of the church is now the Harbin Architectural Art Museum, displaying precious photos in the history of Harbin development.

NO.2 St. Sophia Cathedral

Yabuli Sunshine Resort formerly known as Yabuli Windmill Villa, located in the hinterland of Heilongjiang National Forest Park, is the birthplace of China s tourism ski industry, and has been rated as the most aggressive ski resort in Asia.

· Here is the highest level ski resort in the country and a ropeway with a length of 2680 meters. The skiing period is up to five months.

Complete hardware facilities and reasonable ski track design can satisfy all kinds of ski enthusiasts.

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