Introduction to Dali Tourism

  Dali is a very beautiful and charming ancient city. Her scenery can be summarized in four words: Fenghua Xueyue, that is, Xiaguan Feng, Shangguan Flowers, Cangshan Snow, Erhaiyue, which is Dali s famous four scenes.

  Dali still retains the ancient city walls, walking along the city walls step by step, gently stroking those bricks and stones with hands, can not help but think about its former glory and prosperity. Strolling in the city of Dali, walking on the paved road with blue slate, I slowly realized the residual ancient atmosphere.

  Dali is divided into the old city and the new city. Dali s new city is called Shimonoseki, and it is not much different from the general county town. Locals like to call Dali county the Dali ancient city because there is Dali mentioned in Jin Yong s novels. The ancient city wall of the country. In their eyes, this is the real Dali . And the Dali in the minds of people who travel to other places is probably more extensive, because as soon as they set foot on this land, they will find that there are so many things that linger and make them surprise and feel, not only The lure of the Duan family legend.

  Districts: Dali City, Jianchuan County, Midu County, Yunlong County, Wuyuan County, Heqing County, Xiangyun County, Binchuan County, Yongping County, Weishan Yi Hui Autonomous County, Nanzhao Yi Autonomous County, Yangbi Yi Autonomous County.

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