Interpretation of Sichuan’s New Travel Slogan

On the morning of April 15th, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism held a press conference to announce a new version of the slogan for the promotion of culture and tourism in Sichuan Province. At the meeting, Bao Jianhua, the deputy director of the Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau, interpreted the big in the nine and nine congresses.

As the hometown and the current distribution center of giant pandas, Sichuan has implemented the “two-wheel drive” strategy of giant panda field conservation and artificial breeding, and has obtained the number of wild panda population, the area of , the number of artificial captive giant panda population, The number and area of ​​panda nature reserves, the number of giant pandas for exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, the number of wild animals training, and the number of natural pandas released have ranked first in the country.

According to the person in charge, since 1963, 46 panda nature reserves have been established in Sichuan, and 61.5% of wild pandas and 49.5% of panda habitats in the province have been effectively protected in the nature reserves. According to the results of the fourth national panda survey, there are more than 1,300 wild pandas in Sichuan, with a habitat area of ​​more more than 20,000 square kilometers, accounting for 74% and 78% of the country s total, respectively, which is an increase from the results of the third panda survey. 15% and 14%. As of the end of 2018, the total number of captive giant pandas in the giant panda breeding research institutions in our province has risen to 481, accounting for 87.8% of the national total ; 13 giant pandas have been released to nature, and tracking and monitoring have continued.

In order to further strengthen the protection of giant pandas, on December 5, 2016, the Central Reform and Development Group Meeting reviewed and approved the Panda National Park System Pilot Program, announcing that China s giant panda protection has entered a new era with national parks as its main body. The total area of ​​the giant panda national park is 27,134 square kilometers, which spans Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces, of which 20,200 square kilometers are Sichuan, accounting for 74.8% of the total area , involving 20 counties (cities) in 7 cities (states). The birth and construction of the giant panda national park will realize the three breaks of giant panda protection in terms of geographical restrictions, administrative barriers, and research barriers, creating an unprecedented Panda Ark, allowing giant pandas to live in a wider and free natural space. Endogenous breeding, and the giant panda as the flagship species and umbrella protection species, to protect other rare and endangered wild animals and plants and their habitats, to maintain the authenticity and integrity of natural ecosystems.

This year is the 150th anniversary of the scientific name of the giant panda. At that time, our province will hold Panda Panda Logos, Sichuan Covenant · Panda150 Concert, and Panda Going to the World in Sichuan and other cities in Sichuan, Ya an and other countries. Panda Lantern Festival · Light Up the World and Looking Back at 1869 series of panda cultural promotion activities with novel themes, exciting content and vivid forms, further use the panda as the theme to create Chinese business cards and tell Chinese stories.

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