Indian guy shocked him with just one reason to travel in China

There are many tourist attractions in China. Both the ancient and modern natural landscapes are very distinctive. If you want to play with China, it is impossible without a year and a half. China s natural wonders have attracted countless people. Foreign tourists flock in, and even Indians from neighboring countries have traveled to China, and they have always wanted to live in China, and they don t want to go home.

Indians eat a smorgasbord, everything is stewed in a pot, and the living conditions are worrying. After coming to China, the food on the street is dazzled, there is not enough food at all, and they do not want to return to China to eat food. Indian curries are famous, but when they are going to grab rice with their hands, it is unacceptable.

Indians who came to China in person and found that living in China is very happy, such as toilets. Public toilets in China are common and most of them are kept clean. In India, only open-air toilets are used. If a family owns Their own bathrooms are considered wealthy.

China In China, a clean and convenient toilet is very common, which is an important part of the tourist experience. Many tourists travel to India, and they all complain about the embarrassment of the outdoor toilet. So Indian guys who want to travel to China are willing to stay in China, and feel that China is much better than India.

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