Indian girls working secretly in China for work

Since India and China are next to each other, economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries are becoming more and more frequent, and many young people also interact with each other. Generally speaking, people go to higher places, and China s economy is obviously Better than India, so many Indians choose to come to China and live or travel here, especially Indian girls.

The reason why Indian girls like China is actually very simple, because India is a country with a clear hierarchy, and the idea of ​​being superior to men is very serious. Most Indian girls cant show their skills in their own country . Afterwards, family members will only treat them as marriage chips.

Slowly, some netizens found that more and more Indian girls are not only traveling in China, they are doing this secretly, that is, looking for a job. Indian girls are no longer willing to return to India to work, but prefer to come to China. Go north and wide, find your own shelter, instead of returning to the mud pit of India.

Especially after Indian girls accepted China s more advanced monogamous culture, they were even more reluctant to go home and obey their parents, so they chose to live and live in China, plus the local environment in India was too dirty So, there are more and more Indian girls coming to China for tourism or living.

Many Chinese netizens also dont understand how bad India is. After all, people often say that there is such a factor in finding a job, that is, they have less money and are closer to home. Although China is better than India , it is from their hometown Far away, the choice of a large number of Indian girls is unintelligible.

In fact, friends who have understood the situation in India can understand that because India s jobs are particularly difficult to find. First of all, many good jobs are career preparations. For example, a railway attendant is crowded by people and wants to enter . It is basically difficult for girls to be able to compete with boys for these jobs, which has made Indian girls very disappointed and chose to leave!

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