Ice and Snow World [Harbin, Heilongjiang]

Mainly ice and snow activities and children s amusement activities. It consists of attractions and projects such as large artificial ski resorts, large ice slides, children s playgrounds, Christmas squares, mazes, and large inflatable buildings.

Features of this area: It can meet the requirements of the majority of young people for ice and snow sports: there are a large number of children s favorite entertainment projects; large transparent inflatable buildings provide visitors with services such as rest, changing clothes , shopping, dining and ski equipment rental.

The main scenic spot of the whole park is mainly for watching and holding large-scale events. It is composed of scenic spots and attractions such as Mount Everest, Yan Genghua Mountain, Times Square, Century Bell, Giant Ice Colonnade, Colored Ice Screen, and Water Fountain.

The characteristics of this area: ideological and ornamental. The magnificent shapes of Mount Everest and Yan Genghua are based on the climbing of Mount Everest by Heilongjiang warrior Yan Genghua, which is intended to inspire people to fear the dangers, fight bravely, and glorify the country. Wanmi Plaza can hold activities such as garden opening celebrations, cultural performances, water disco, large-scale masquerade and other activities.

Comprehensive activity area. There are dozens of group-like attractions and novel exciting activities such as the future world, ancient times, Northeast Folk Customs Garden, Olunchun Customs Garden, European Customs Park, extreme sports in snow and ice, adventure park, ice climbing , snow go-karts, snow motorcycles, etc. Project composition.

Features of this area: You can watch the unique Chinese and foreign ice and snow architectural art essences, participate in dynamic and dynamic ice and snow sports and recreational activities, taste northern ethnic minorities and authentic Russian-style catering, and you can feel deep in history and the future. Chinese and foreign cultural connotations.

Focus on land art and business service. It consists of a land art gallery, a collection of Chinese and foreign trade products, an ice-snow sculpture creation area, a large-scale northeast wind group carving area, and a snow-painting creative garden .

Characteristics of this area: Set viewing, shopping and entertainment. Here, you can watch the colorful art works of the earth, you can buy special tourism goods and Russian goods, you can show your talents and create ice sculptures and snow sculptures freely. You can take giant ice slides from the embankment and slide directly into the riverside scenic area.

1. Special tourist bus: Youyi Road departs from Youyi Road and Highway Bridge to the end of the Ice and Snow World. Operating hours: 9 am-22 pm.

2. Direct buses: No. 88 and No. 118 tourist buses. 3. Transfer to the bus: First take bus 12, 14, 22, 65, 67 to the highway bridge, then transfer to buses 80, 85, 346 and other routes that pass through the ice and snow world. Get off the world.

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