Huyu Natural Scenic Area

The Huyu Natural Scenic Area is located 9 kilometers northwest of Changping County, Beijing, and on the north side of the Badaling Expressway. There are natural and human landscapes such as Huyugou, Baixian Shendong, Queeryu, and physical fitness training base.

Beautiful gorge, a road leading to the virgin forest, flanked by rocky gullies that resemble tiger skin markings on both sides, 12.5 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide, with peaks and ridges, and beautiful water valleys, there are 36 natural landscapes. Alpine Lake , then climb hundreds of stone steps , cross the rugged mountain road to Tongtianchi , cross Jiutan Waterfall and then break into primitive forest .

The mountains here are magnificent and magnificent. You can drink the Golden Spring water first, then climb the first-line sky, take a close look at the clouds and trees show the fairy, and overlook the pictographic mountain Tengu Watching the Moon and strange flowers and grass, Such as ancient monuments in forests, the hanging coffins of Xiandao in temple ruins, and panoramic views.

Incense continuously, cigarettes lingering, the entrance of the cave often has fog rising, the temperature inside the cave is warm in winter and cool in summer, the depth is far-reaching, the depth of the cave is 1,200 meters, the width is narrow , and the highest drop is more than 90 meters. A great spectacle. The silky Shenyu falling from the sky at a height of 83 meters nourishes the gods throughout the year, making you never stop crying. Saying goodbye to Dripping Goddess of Mercy and stepping on the 170-step stone step is the highest peak of Baixian Shendong- -Yi Tian Ge. You stand on the south side of the Yitian Pavilion with blue tile eaves, and a faint scent is blowing towards you.

Is the only root carving art museum in Beijing with more than 300 works. The inscriptions of famous housekeepers are hung around the walls, with a simple and elegant style. Mr. Ma s root carving works are not similar. It is the backbone of the artist, expressing the artist s inner emotions and will, all of which are fine works of art, and are of great value. The root carving museum has high ornamental value and positive educational significance.

Is a comprehensive Kistler exhibition park jointly established by Beijing Hutong Natural Scenic Area and the famous stone collector and collector Mr. Hou Kangyi. Hundreds of odd stones from all over the country collected by Mr. Hou Kangyi over the years were concentratedly displayed, bringing new feelings and happiness to everyone.

Leisure and entertainment: boating, swimming, rock climbing, flying, landing, fishing, bonfire, pontoon, mountain karaoke, sky ladder, it is the best place for travel, vacation, summer, adventure, fitness, and quiet.

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