Hunan Travel Guide: August · Phoenix

In late August, I finally got the chance to take an annual vacation. Five days was right to go to Phoenix. I left without thinking about anything. I brought Shen Congwen s Xiang Xing San Ji with me.

Because of the rush of travel, it took many twists and turns to get sleeper tickets three hours before getting on the bus. As soon as I got on the train, I was dumbfounded that the N702 train from Huaihua, west of Shenzhen, was actually the green-skin train of the 1960s and 1970s, except for soft sleeper cars, which had no air conditioning. The highest temperature in Guangzhou was 38 degrees that day, and the car that had been in the hot sun for a long time was like a steamer. The train was about to leave, and the passengers in the carriage made a toothache sound.

After a while, the train started, and the heat wave poured in through the large window. I had no intention of admiring the passing scenery outside the window. I closed my eyes and leaned in front of the window. The wind was fierce, and the dust coming out of the window came in front of me. As you pass through the tunnel, the compartment is immediately filled with a wet, obscure smell. After 18 hours of driving, I finally arrived in Jishou.

I saw the ancient city of Phoenix from afar in the car, it was nine o clock the next morning. After getting off at the bridge, I looked for the inn along the river bank. After Come on , I asked for a bowl of beef noodles. The old mother of the shop took the soles in front of the window and chatted with me very kindly.

Phoenix is ​​really small, divided into two parts, the new city and the old city. The ancient city is a hanging footbridge along the Minjiang River. The house has been for some years, but recently the government has invested in a comprehensive renovation of the riverside wooden building, which is reinforced with reinforced concrete inside. It also guarantees the life of the residents, which is the best of both worlds.

The ancient city is not big, and it is distributed in a long strip along the river. The north and south gates are full of shops. In the past few days, I strolled around the street several times. I wanted to bring something for my friends, but I looked carefully. I find that the good is too expensive, and the cheap is too ordinary. Xiong Chengzao s batik is indeed beautiful, but unfortunately each one is worth it. There is also a shop for making embroidery in Hunan . A piece of bamboo is priced at 400. Looking closely at embroidery, it is not outstanding. Hunan embroidery does not even need this price, which makes people feel disappointed.

Old House Hotel is near Shen Congwen s former residence. Four and a half tables have already filled the store. On the first day, I was hungry on the train for a day, looking for restaurants all over the street. Those on the Minjiang River would kill customers because they heard on the Internet, and they didnt look very sanitary, so I walked along the long street. When passing by the Old House Hotel, the boss yelled- I m eating , I m really hungry and crazy, regardless of the three or seventy-one, come in and sit down and eat. It turned out that the owner s craftsmanship was really good. A sauerkraut tofu fish, and my favorite bamboo shoots fried pork, and then a cup of homemade glutinous rice sweet wine, the checkout was only more than 30, sauerkraut fish left a large pot. The owner of the Old House Hotel said that you are too wasteful. Next time you come, I will help you find a partner. The Miao family really was simple and kind.

The first day was a leisurely one. I took a nap until more than five o clock, then got up to freshen up and settle out for dinner. After drinking enough rice, I walked along the Minjiang River, watching women washing clothes on the riverside, and children playing in the river. During the day, the Minjiang River was wrapped up by a tourist company called Huanglong Cave. From the upstream to the downstream, a water channel of about one kilometer, 30 yuan / person, toured by boat . The tourism company arranged two knocks on the river. At the drum, there are also several young women in costumes taking the lead in singing. I always felt that the Minjiang River belongsed to tour groups during the day, they swarmed, glanced at Phoenix from a distance, and whistled away. So, during the day I don t go to see the Minjiang River.

It was night, and after the people of the travel company came off work, local residents would take their own boats to grab passengers on the Minjiang River. 10 yuan / person, much cheaper than during the day. I was sitting by the river, and a young man from a distance called out- Are you going by boat? Because it was the off-season, his boat hadn t caught the guests. I was trying to swim in the river, so I called him over to discuss the price.

10 yuan, can you charter a circle? I offered a price that made me feel a little bit confusing. I didn t expect them to accept it. The boatman brought the boat to the shore, and the handsome tour guide picked me up. A little bamboo rafters floated on the river.

The tour guide s surname was Teng, named Abin. The light on Hongqiao happened to be lit that day. He said that I was lucky. Normally, Hongqiao was not lighted often. Sure enough, I found Hongqiao when I was sitting in a bar next to the river the next night Has been silent in the night, the river is also dark.

The beauty of the Hongqiao in the lights is unspeakable. It is reflected in the river. The lights are dizzy and dazzling, reflecting the fantastic colors. I had a pair of slippers on my feet. At this moment, I just took off my shoes and soaked my two feet in the water of the Minjiang River. After a circle, I didn t want to go ashore, so I told Abin to add 10 yuan. I will go to Shen Congwen s cemetery to see.

Abin accompanied me to see Mr. Shen s graveyard. It was already dark at night, and the road was almost invisible when he went up the mountain. He turned on the lighter to guide me, so I came to Shen Congwen s grave on a twilight night.

I went back, we went up from the downstream, passed through the two beaches, Abin launched the boat in front of the water, the elder brother of the boatman supported the boat at the stern, and I looked around on the boat to take pictures of them. The ship returned to Huilongtan near Hongqiao, when it was only seven o clock. Minjiang has no hustle and bustle during the day and looks particularly beautiful. We slipped to the water fishing platform where people beat the drums during the day, and Abin went ashore to buy betel nuts. When I returned, I brought ice cream with me and the boatman and threw me a betel nut. It was refreshing, but I You can only eat half a piece at a time to avoid being drunk here . We chatted on the fishing platform.

Tong Abin has a relative in Guangzhou, and every winter he sends the elderly in Guangzhou to the cold. So he is still a little familiar with Guangzhou. He spent 60 yuan on a cruise ship on the Pearl River to see the night view of the Pearl River, so he asked me Do you say the Pearl River is beautiful or the Minjiang River is beautiful?

The next day, when I was strolling around the ancient city, a little girl came over and asked, Sister, are you going to Miao Village? It was originally not planned, and it was very attractive to see the little girl grow up in water. So she followed her. At the bus station, I took the Allah shuttle bus and got off at the entrance of Miao Village in Yanbanyan. I paid a small guide for 5 yuan for the fare.

Xiuyan Banyan Miao Village has nothing to look at, but the Lover s Bridge is very interesting. The bridge hole is connected to the bridge hole. Looking from this side to the other side, it has a magical color. The little guide took me to a Miao family courtyard to watch the show. The last group of tourists had just left. The Miao people were resting in the courtyard. I also had a good time and took a break in the courtyard.

The next stop, the ancient city of Huangsiqiao, is said to have many years of history. I cant remember. Anyway, there are not many tourists. I walked around the city wall and overlooked the people in the ancient city. In the ancient city.

While watching the Raiders online, a netizen introduced a place called Shujiatang, saying that the old house is quite well kept. I was curious for a moment, after bidding farewell to the small guide at the gate of the ancient city of Huangsiqiao, I wrapped a three-wheeled motorcycle and went straight to Shujiatang.

He bumped all the way to Shujiatang at noon. A small village in the backcountry, but it is said that the people in the village are all descendants of Yang Liulang, and they believed it. A ticket booth was set up at the entrance of the village, and the press card didn t work. I paid 30 yuan for a small piece of paper printed by myself and was brought into the village by a 72-year-old man.

Mr. The guide is estimated to be the most respected person in the village. He told the villagers in local dialect: This person is a reporter. I have to speak more carefully. The noon sun is very poisonous, walking in the village, I can t stand it anymore, but the old gentleman really gave me the word of tour guide wordlessly, those officials of Ming and Qing dynasties The old mansion I lived in, the legendary story of the Yang family, was a wild story, but he spoke in a dialect but made me hear the fog and nodded.

One big in the morning on the third day, I left the room to pack my luggage and sat down beside the Minjiang River. At 6 o clock in the morning, there was fog on the Minjiang River, and the rock-jumping side was already full of tripods. When I was thinking of Lijiang in 2002, I heard that the Guangdong man in the next room was discussing the light problem at five o clock in the morning. It turns out that the color donkey We will always be the earliest people.

I was a little cold in the morning. I took the only gain this time—the shawl, and wrapped myself up. I watched them tossing across the river from afar. Some elderly people came out of the river to go to the morning, one by two, doing radio gymnastics, and carrying bird cages to drink tea. Most of them did laundry on the bridge pier and the shore.

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