Hunan Forest Botanical Garden

Hunan Forest Botanical Garden is located in the southern suburbs of Changsha City, Hunan Forest Botanical Garden, Tianjiling National Forest Park and Hunan Wildlife Rescue and Breeding Center (three brands and a set of horses) next to the South Bus Station. It is a collection of scientific research, tourism and science popularization. A green pearl in education. It covers an area of ​​140 hectares and has 6 hectares of water. In 1992, it was designated as National Forest Park by the Ministry of Forestry.

The park is not only a scientific research base for the collection, introduction, breeding, processing and utilization of forest plant resources, but also a popular tourism and entertainment place for science popularization. There are 10 zones including plant classification zone, rare and endangered plant zone, medicinal plant zone, and ornamental plant zone. There are more than 1,100 kinds of forest plants and more than 1,800 varieties of flowers and fruit trees.

The rare and endangered plant area of ​​Loquat is located on the hillside in the middle of the botanical garden. There are 111 kinds of rare plants such as Davidia involucrata, Liriodendron chinense, Gold pine, Silver fir, Silver mulberry tree, Manglietia mandshurica , Michelia japonica, and Magnolia magnolia. There are more than 600 kinds of medicinal herbs in the adjoining medicinal plant area.

Gion Garden has beautiful mountains and clear water, thousands of trees compete for glory, and the air is exceptionally fresh, which is suitable for forest healing and air healing. In 1992, on the mountain package at an altitude of 106 meters in the west of the park, a new horizon tower was built, 20 meters high, 4 floors, square below, hexagons above, angled treasure roof, covered with yellow glass tiles, Zhulan painting building, glorious, New scenery for the southern suburbs.

For more than 10 years, the park has hosted or participated in 46 scientific research projects, 2 of which have obtained invention patents, and 16 achievements have won the Ministry and Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards. It has received nearly 100,000 experts and scholars from more than 20 countries including the United States, Japan, Finland, and Australia. The Chinese Language Training Center co-organized with the US MTI has become a window and bridge for opening up. At present, it has established long-term seed exchange relationships with more than 40 botanical gardens in 18 countries and regions. Production materials education, technical training, and forest tourism are the focus of the development of the botanical garden. Science and popularization activities are carried out through the provision of animal and plant knowledge guides and teaching practice guidance. According to statistics, it has received 12,000 internships from college and secondary school studen ts. 600,000 person-times, a number of camping, fishing, horse racing, barbecue, live-fire shooting, 100 bird garden and other amusement projects featuring wild fun have been launched successively, and have received good social and economic benefits.

Entertainment: The Botanical Garden has launched a number of special projects such as picnics, barbecues, camping, horse racing, fishing, paintball shooting, and kart racing. Car-riding, fresh and exciting; riding horses, watching horsehairs flying in the wind, listening to horseshoes hitting the ground to realize the dream of Mercedes-Benz deep in the soul;, Laughter, fun …. Returning to the park and returning to nature, returning to nature, integrating science, leisure, and amusement, is very popular with tourists.

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