Huayan Tourism Scenic Area

Huayan Tourist Scenic Spot is located in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City, 15 kilometers away from the city center. It is strategically located and has a very geographically located. Huayan has a long history, ancient rocks have caves and springs, and the springs splash from the top of the caves in the rain. Below, the shape is like scattered flowers, so the ancients used flowers as the cave name, and then built a temple, known as a cave, and then called Huayan, also known as Huayan.

Huayan Tourism Scenic Area is a key garden unit and a city-level cultural relics protection unit in Chongqing. As a tourist attraction in the main urban area, it has been listed as one of the top ten tourist boutiques—Charming Chongqing and Mountain City Tourism Series. Recommended by tourists inside and out.

The scenic forests are lush and the mood is deep. The natural scenic spots in the area have the beauty of lakes, streams, mountains, forests, and cultural landscapes rich in ancient temples, pagodas, stone carvings, and sculptures, which have won the reputation of Bashan spiritual realm. The open-air golden Buddha, Huayan Temple, Huayan Cave, release pond, lotus pond and other famous scenic spots have been formed. They will welcome guests from all directions with a quiet and elegant natural environment and warm and thoughtful service.

Yanhuayan Tourist Scenic Area Best Tourist Season: This place belongs to a region with relatively high temperature. So spring and autumn are the most comfortable travel seasons! People from the North are also good to play in winter, they won t feel cold! If you come to play in summer, it will be very hot, so you need to prepare heatstroke medication and preventive measures.

Tanhuayan Scenic Area Transportation: About 20 yuan by taxi from the main urban area; buses 203, 263, 204, 803, 213, 222, 238, 269 can reach

Gourmet Rock Scenic Area Food: Gourmet-Garlic White Meat: Garlic flavor. It can be seen that the chef has worked hard on the knife, which is characterized by red juice and white meat, salty and slightly spicy, strong garlic flavor, and slices as large as palms, thin and translucent.

Gourmet food-dried shark fin: salty flavor. Shark fins, chicken, duck, pork, ham, fresh soup, barbecue and juice. Features are bright wing needles, soft and refreshing, thick and delicious. A fine feast for the feast.

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