Huayan Temple Tour Tickets and Attractions Introduction

Huayan Temple is located in Tate s Cairn, Huayan Township, Jiulongpo District, and is named after a Huayan Cave on the south side of the temple. The history of the temple was not established. During the reigns of Kangxi, Daoguang and Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty, they were successively rebuilt and expanded. Now they cover an area of ​​160,000 square meters and a construction area of ​​16,000 square meters. There are 15 patios, and there are more than 400 houses, including temples, meditation halls, fasting houses, and monks houses. The houses are adjacent to each other and the courtyards are connected. It is the largest temple in the suburbs of Chongqing and one of the top ten jungles in Bashu.

Tanhuayan Temple is divided into two parts, a large temple and a small temple. The Great Temple consists of the Noble Heroes Hall, Jiedian Hall, Tibetan Scripture Hall, Tianwang Hall, Guanyin Hall, and St. Kezu Master Hall. Among them, the seated statue of Wei Tuo in the Temple of Heaven is unique to this temple. The Great Temple Hall is a traditional garden-style brick-wood building complex. It is divided into the front, middle and back three halls, namely the Noble Heroes Hall , St. Kezu Masters Hall and Guanyin Hall. The temple is on the left side of the temple. Wooden reliefs of the sixteen lords in the Great Hall of the Great Heroes are rare in temples.

The temple also contains Indian jade buddha, bronze, jade, stone, wood, clay statues, and Shwedagon pagoda models. The small temple is Huayan Cave, which faces the Great Temple across the lake and is the ancestral temple of Huayan Temple. Also known as the Huayan Ancestral Temple and Huayan Cave, there are more than 20 Buddha statues, and tourists are constantly on at four o clock.

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本 I am native of Chongqing and I love to travel. So I often run around. I have basically visited the sights of Chongqing. I have been to the Xianghuayan Temple several times. In terms of eating, what I remember most is that there is a restaurant near the gate of Qianjiang Chicken.. It belongs to the more delicious Chinese food, it is really delicious! It is recommended that everyone go and taste it! If you eat light, you can also go to the store to ask, it seems that there are light special practices, but I have not tried, I eat spicy every time, ha ha!

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