How to apply for a domestic tourism business license?

With the development of the economic and national level, the tourism industry has risen rapidly, and domestic travel has become the first choice for most family vacation travel. With the rapid rise of the travel agency industry, for entrepreneurs who are not willing to work, domestic travel agencies have become a popular choice for their own business.

I. Instructions for applying for a tourism business license

Travel agency business licenses are statutory issued by the Department of Policies and Regulations of the National Tourism Administration in accordance with Article 12 of the Administrative Regulations on Travel Agencies. To establish any type of travel agency, an application must be made to the relevant tourism administrative department.

When applying, the documents prepared in advance shall be submitted to the tourism administration department accepting the application. After the application is approved, the tourism administration department shall issue a travel agency business license to the approved applicant, and the applicant holds a travel agency business license Obtain a business license from the administrative department for industry and commerce. Those who have not obtained a travel agency business license shall not engage in tourism business.

Twenty-two, application conditions for tourism business license

1. Comply with the development plan of tourism business.

2. Meet the needs of the tourism market.

3. Have a fixed place of business; have the necessary business facilities; have business personnel who have been trained and hold a qualification certificate issued by the government tourism administration department of a province, autonomous region, or municipality.

4. Registered capital of travel agency:

International Travel Agency: No less than RMB 1.5 million.

Domestic travel agency: no less than RMB 300,000.

5. Social security deposit for travel: For travel agencies operating domestic and inbound tourism, the quality deposit is not less than 200,000 yuan; for each branch, a 50,000 yuan shall be deposited into the branch s quality deposit account. The quality guarantee deposit of a travel agency operating an outbound tourism business shall be not less than 1.4 million yuan; for each branch office established, it shall deposit 350,000 yuan in the branch quality assurance account. The quality guarantee deposit of a travel agency operating a border tourism business shall be not less than 500,000 yuan; for each establishment of a branch, an additional deposit of 100,000 yuan shall be added to the quality assurance account of the branch.

3. Application materials for tourism business license

1. Application for establishment.

2. Feasibility study report for setting up a travel agency.

3. Articles of association of travel agencies.

4. The resume of the manager and deputy manager of the travel agency and the qualification certificate specified in Article 6, Item 3 of these regulations.

5. Certificate of business place.

6. Proof of operating equipment.

Processing time: 20 working days, processing place: Domestic agencies are in the tourism administrations of various provinces and cities, and exit agencies are approved by the National Tourism Administration.

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