How many of these 8 great places in China have you been to?

China is a country with a long history and an economic power with outstanding modern construction. It is a good place for tourism. What s more, China s scenic tourist attractions are countless. Whether it is natural scenery or humanistic architecture, it is fascinating. Today I will share with you 10 tourist attractions. How many have you been to?

1. Shanghai Bund

This is Shanghai s most famous spot. Here you can feel the prosperity of Shanghai. You can also see the classic building Pearl of the Orient and see the bustling city scenery of Shanghai. Located beside the Huangpu River, the natural scenery is also very beautiful. Especially at night, the various lights perfectly outline the silhouettes of different buildings, reflecting on the river, which is very spectacular.

Here is a romantic and quiet tourist resort. The snow-capped mountains in the distance are rolling, the canyons are singular, the terrain is soaring, the lakes are crystal clear, reflecting everything, the grasslands stretch, and there is no boundlessness and no boundaries. Autumn is the most beautiful here. The golden yellow leaves are mixed with the fiery red maple leaves, and the pine and cypress are dark green. The impact of the tree colors jumps into the eyes and sinks into the bottom of the lake.

This is an ancient city with beautiful scenery, with white walls and gray tiles everywhere. The roads are covered with crooked bluestone bricks, and small stone bridges connect parallel streets. The canopy boats drift aimlessly. In the river Shimizu was soaring, reflecting the surrounding houses. Here, you can experience a relaxed slow life and a leisurely rural life.

Think This place must be known by many people. This is the most iconic building in Dunhuang, also called Qianfo Cave. It has a magnificent momentum and is very shocking. Mogao Grottoes are built on cliffs, and there are a lot of Buddha statues in them, and they are fully preserved, which is a rare spectacle.

Mountain This mountain is a famous mountain in China. The terrain is steep, but the natural scenery is beautiful, the mountains are surrounded by clouds and mists, like a fairyland, the vegetation is lush, and the color is beautiful.

This is a landmark of Nanjing. It is a temple used to worship and sacrifice Confucius. The building is ancient and has a historical charm. But it s not rigid. Many of Nanjing s special food and snack bars are gathered in Confucius Temple . Not only can you feel the influence of history, you can also taste the special food. Is it great to watch and eat?

7. Hulunbuir Grassland

No matter the environment or the air, here is the freshest. Eyes greet you are the green grass and flowers of different colors, cattle and sheep everywhere, freely shuttle through this grassland, and you can see several ethnic minority buildings. Staying here makes people infinitely relaxed.

8. Chaka Salt Lake

Have you ever seen a lake as calm and transparent as a mirror? Chaka Salt Lake is known as the realm of the sky. The lake here is so clear that it can reflect everything, blue sky, white clouds, rolling peaks, and tourists stepping on the lake, all can be engraved one by one. There is also an old track that extends to the center of the lake, making the entire salt lake look more beautiful and flavorful.

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