How long is the visa valid for foreigners to travel to China

Scope of F visa applicants: Those who are invited to visit, inspect, lecture, do business, conduct scientific and cultural exchanges, short-term studies, internships, etc. in China. The maximum length of stay is 6 months. Can apply for multiple entry a year.
(1) Basic application materials
(1) Passport: One original passport with a blank visa page and one photocopy of the passport photo data page, valid for more than 6 months.
(2) Visa application form and photo: 1 copy of the ‘Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China’ and a recent, front, color (light background), crownless, passport photo affixed to the application form.
(3) Proof of legal stay or residence (applicable to applicants who are not in the country of nationality): If you are not applying for a visa in the country of nationality, you need to provide a valid certificate of legal stay, residence, work, study or original visa in the country where you are located. A copy.
(4) Original Chinese passport or original Chinese visa (applicable to those who have Chinese nationality and then joined foreign nationality): If you are applying for a Chinese visa for the first time, you must provide the original Chinese passport and a copy of the passport photo information page; To apply for a visa after obtaining a Chinese visa and holding a newly renewed foreign passport, you must provide the original foreign passport photo information page and a copy of the previously obtained Chinese visa (if the name recorded in the new passport is inconsistent with the original passport, you must also provide the relevant official issued Documentary proof of name change).
 2. Other supporting application materials
Invitation letter issued by relevant units or individuals in China. The invitation must include the following:
(1) Personal information of the invitee: name, gender, date of birth, etc .;
(2) Information on the visit of the invitee: reason for coming to China, date of arrival and departure, place of visit, relationship with the inviter or inviter, source of expenses, etc .;
(3) Information of the inviting unit or person: name of the inviting unit or person, contact phone number, address, seal of the organization, signature of the legal representative or inviting person, etc.
3. Application method
(1) Applicants may apply in person or by entrusting others, travel agencies, visa agencies to the embassy or consulate general according to the division of consular areas.
(2) If necessary, the applicant must go to the interview or verify the signature on the application materials according to the notice of the embassy or consulate general.
(3) Mailing applications will not be accepted.
(4) No appointment is required.
 4. Processing time
Pick up normally on the 4th working day (including the day).
For non-emergency special cases, expedited cases are generally not accepted. Expedited services are subject to approval by consular officials, and fees will be increased.
 5. Visa Fees and Charges
(1) General processing, the charging standards are as follows:
Note: Based on the principle of reciprocity, individual ‘third country citizens’ may have different fees.
(2) Expedited processing: an additional $ 20 per person.
(3) Special Express: $ 30 per person.

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