Hot dry noodles rank first in Hubei cuisine

The Hubei Province Tourism Industry Data Report uses micro hotspots (big data platforms to collect statistics on Weibo, WeChat, blogs and tens of thousands of websites, forums, newspapers, government websites, video websites, and overseas websites. From August to August 31, comprehensive statistics on the Internet heat spread index and the entire network of information about Hubei Province s tourism and related information on the Internet will objectively reflect the tourism industry in Hubei Province from August 1 to August 31, 2019. Overall situation.

In the statistical period, there were 772,000 pieces of relevant information related to the tourism industry of Hubei Province, of which 87,000 pieces of sensitive information and 684,000 pieces of other information. The sensitive information accounted for 11.34%.

Hubei Province s tourism-related information fluctuated greatly in August. A large amount of information was concentrated on August 21, and the amount of information on that day reached 44,000, mainly to promote Hubei s tourism information.

From the regional analysis, in addition to the local netizens in Hubei, the netizens in Beijing and Guangdong pay more attention to the relevant information of Hubei tourism. Among them, the netizens in Beijing posted 205,000 related information, ranking first. At the same time , netizens in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places also pay more attention to Hubei Province s tourism and related information. Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places can be the focus of Hubei s tourism intention consumption. Regions, and at the same time, the Internet users in these regions are the main targets of tourism promotion in Hubei.

Synthesizing the word frequency, heat weight, and correlation strength factors of keywords in Hubei Tourism related information from August 1 to August 31, 2019, Wuhan, Night Scenery, Environment, Scenic Area, Scenery , Snack , etc. Words have become hot words among netizens; words such as Enshi , Mountain Flood , Hefeng , Stalactites and Taiqing Cave explain the focus of Hubei s tourism-related information from the side door in August.

Burst Flash Flood in Enshi Hefeng Scenic Area, Hubei Gets Attention

In this month s hot tourist events in Hubei Province, the “Burst Flash Flood in Enshi Hefeng Scenic Area in Hubei” has a heat index of 3.05, a total of 37,000 information on the entire network, and 20,000 media reports, ranking it at the top of the hot events list One person. Yuan an Taiqing Cave s tens of millions of years of stalactites were cut off by tourists and Hubei emergency deployment to pull the net to investigate hidden tourist safety hazards were also hot .

On the evening of August 4, Enshi Hefeng, Hubei, sheltered from the gorge due to heavy rain and sudden flash floods. As of August 6, the flood caused 13 tourists to escape the gorge. According to media reports, the avoidance gorge is an undeveloped scenic spot, but there are still many tourists who go to play on their own, and there are cases where black guides take guests into the avoidance gorge.

During the statistical period, the total amount of information on Enshi Hefeng in Hubei avoiding sudden flash floods in the Gorge reached 37,000, of which 50.9% of the information came from the Weibo platform. It can be seen that Weibo is Hubei Enshi Hefeng avoiding sudden flash floods in the Gorges The main source platform for relevant information.

Wudang Mountain ranked first in the scenic spot heat index

In the ranking of Hubei tourist attractions this month, the “Shiyan Wudang Mountain Scenic Area” maintained the first position, with a heat index of 6.01, a decrease from last month. The “Shennongjia Scenic Area” ranked second with a heat index of 5.40 . Three Gorges Dam Scenic Spot ranked third with a heat index of 4.99.

It can be seen from the graph of the attention level of Wudangshan related information in August that the information of Wudangshan in August broke out on August 25th. On that day, the sixth episode of the World Heritage in China documentary series is recommended. Wudang Ancient Buildings .

Hot Tea-picking opera heat index tops the list

In the ranking of Hubei Province s non-heritage heat index in August, the “picking tea show” ranked first with a heat index of 1.05, and the entire network had 5,171 messages; “Huangmei Opera” ranked second, with a heat index of 1.01; and Dragon Dance ranked third. The heat index is 0.97. “The Tea Charm of Nanchang County, Nanchang County, Nanchang Tea Tea Opera Folk Amateur Troupe Show” and “Yangxin Tea Tea Show at the 2019 Opera Hundred Opera (Kunshan) Ceremony ”are the main hot events of this month.

Hot dry noodles heat index tops the list

In this month s Hubei cuisine TOP10, hot dry noodles , steamed meat and noodle nests are among the top three. The“ hot dry noodle ”has a heat index of 2.72 this month, the“ powdered steamed meat ”has a heat index of 2.64 this month, and the“ noodle nest ”has a heat index of 1.97 this month.

In the statistical period, there were 41,000 information on the hot dry noodles on the entire network, of which 84.96% of the information came from the Weibo platform. The side shows that Weibo is the main source platform for hot dry noodles related information this month.

Wuhan remains the most popular tourist destination in Hubei

Wuhan In this month s ranking of Hubei prefecture-level cities, Wuhan takes the top spot, with a heat index of 28.59 and over 321,000 messages on the entire network, all higher than other prefecture-level cities. The opening of the Second Wuhan Rural Tourism Festival , Open night venues of 4 public cultural venues in Wuhan , EStar, a well-known domestic e-sports club settled in Wuhan, joined hands with Travel Development to create a new business card for Jiangcheng, etc. are the main tourist events in Wuhan this month.

Song Han an District reelected Hubei District counties TOP1

Han an District , Caidian District , and Macheng ranked the top three in all districts and counties of Hubei Province this month. Among them, the Han an District has a heat index of 0.79, ranking first ; the Caidian District has a heat index of 0.78, ranking second; and Macheng ranks third, with a heat index of 0.69. Jiang an District held a special forum on the construction of charming scenic spots This month s major tourism events in Jiang an District .

Note: The online communication heat index mentioned in this report and ranking refers to the extraction of designated events, people, brands, and other information on the basis of collecting massive information from Internet platforms such as news media, Weibo, WeChat, clients, websites , and forums. Geographical and other related information, and after the standardized calculation of the extracted information, an index can be obtained that reflects its popularity on the Internet; the value of the heat value is 0-100, and the larger the value, the more its network is affected. The higher the attention.

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