High Crown Falls Tourism

Gaoguan Waterfall is located at the Gaoguan Pass of Guifeng Mountain, north of Qinling Mountain, 20 kilometers southeast of Hu County. Because there are towering show peaks on both sides of Gao Guanxi, which looks like a giant and wears a high hat, it is called Gao Guanxi, and it is also called Gaoguan Waterfall.

In the restless summer, would you like to jump out of the sweltering cage and return to the fresh embrace of nature? In the snowy winter, would you like to admire the magnificent scenery of DC waterfall ice sculptures and jade carvings? The well-known Huangguoshu Waterfall is too far away. You don t have to travel long distances to go to Gaoguan Mountain Villa, where you have the joy and beauty you want.

It is 1.5 kilometers southeast of Caotang Temple. There are waterfalls in Gaoguanyu, spanning Chang an County and Hu County. The Gaoguan Luan River is the source of the Luanhe River. It takes the road from Gaoguanzui. The valley is narrow and the water is rushing. The mouth of the waterfall is more than 20 meters. The rapids of the river fall into Gaoguantan. The horse galloped, forming a spectacular scene of semi-blank, spraying rain all around.

Tong Gaoguan Waterfall is located on the Gaoguanyu fault zone on the northern slope of Guifeng Mountain. The fault width is about 8 kilometers, extending from east to west, subsiding in the north and rising in the south, forming a bare stone mountain. After a long period of water erosion, the hard granite stone rushed out of a stone trough about 20 meters long and about 2 meters wide. The river flowed along the north stone trough straight down to the bottom of the pond, forming a rapid waterfall with a drop of more than 200 meters. The water poured directly into the pond. The roar was thunderous, and the momentum was extremely spectacular. In the upper reaches of the waterfall, there is a water pond surrounded by boulders, which is named Litan. The clear water of the pond is calm, and the downstream of the waterfall is wide and the water is gentle. It also forms a natural lake of several hundred square meters.

This is the former residence of Cen Shen, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty. He wrote in the poem: Yesterday, there was a letter from the mountain, when it was cultivated today; it is rumored that Du Lingxuan, I blame me for being late. No one can play chess alone on the pond Dong Yi recalls the place, lying idle facing each other. Expressed the world s deep love for Gao Guantan. Today, the statue of the poet is erected on a mountain lawn beside a waterfall.

In Gaoguan Waterfall Scenic Area, the main landscapes are: Gaoguan Flying Waterfall, Meihuatan, Niubi Cave, and Mingtong Pavilion. Zhengde Plank Road, Guifeng Temple, Xianren Bridge, Shuangfeng Mountain, Wuliang Cave, Cypress Temple, etc.

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