Heyang Yellow River Wetland Nature Reserve

Heyang Yellow River Wetland Nature Reserve is located in Heyang County, Shaanxi Province. The scenic area extends all the way to the bank of the Yellow River, with reeds all over the reserve, fish ponds and terraces staggered.

In the center of the scenic spot, there is a Virgin Spring whose annual water temperature is maintained between 29-30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, even in winter, a warm stream is formed between the icy river and the reed marshes, and various waterfowls concentrate on this activity foraging. The diversity of plant communities, geothermal, and a large number of aquatic organisms provide ideal wintering and habitat for rare waterfowl. A survey by experts in the Spring Scriptures in 1995 found that there is a national first-level protected bird Red-crowned Crane here to overwinter here. This is the westernmost point of the red-crowned crane s wintering ground found in China and it was first discovered in our province. Other national level 1 protected birds include black storks, white storks , and great salamanders; national level 2 protected birds include hundred spoonbills, great swans, magpies, and grey cranes.

The reserve has no place to stay. It only lives in Heyang County. Heyang County Telecom Hotel is recommended. The management is formal, clean and comfortable. There are 80 rooms. / Day.

There is a direct tourist bus in Heyang County. There is a shuttle bus at Heyang County North Bus Station every 20 minutes. The fare is 8 yuan, and the journey takes about 45 minutes.

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