Heyang Virgin Spring [Weinan, Shaanxi]

Heyang Virgin Spring is in the arms of the mother of the Yellow River. Among the dense reeds, the magical Virgin Spring is hidden. The Virgin Spring is also known as Dongliyu and Fuyu Spring. The name Virgin comes from an ancient folk custom in the region. Before the girl gets married, she must be accompanied by her mother or sister. Under the blue sky and white clouds, she hides in the green screen to wash away the dust and fatigue, to greet the glorious moment on the road of life.

The virgin spring is a group of springs with countless springs. The water temperature is maintained at about 31 degrees Celsius all year round and is rich in trace elements strontium, copper and selenium that are beneficial to the human body. The water has great impulse, people do not sink into the water, springs and sand move, such as silk brushing, known as a sand wave bath. There are playgrounds and style houses by the spring. You can fully feel the wild interest of the Yellow River Beach.

The Virgin Spring is in the northern part of Guanzhong, the west bank of the Yellow River, after Qingming Festival to June 1 and early September to late October. It is a more suitable season. If you do not care about the hot weather, you can continue from Qingming Festival to late October, but the weather The scenery is more beautiful when heated. In addition to beautiful reeds, there are paulownias that look like tropical plants. The crowns and leaves are particularly large. There are few tree species like it in temperate regions. In hot summers, paulownia is the best summer resort. Places, attractions, and residential areas all grow in large numbers. In places where transportation is convenient, people sell tea and watermelons under trees. In addition, Shaanxi Dali is a famous watermelon producing place in the world. It was called Tongzhou watermelon in the ancient times. The county is less than 50 kilometers away

Take the train 4764 times in Xi an and drive to Hancheng at 7:15, passing Heyang, 13 yuan. 10:30 Arrive at Heyang Railway Station. Take the CMB to the county bus terminal for 2 yuan. The station has a shuttle bus to Qiachuan Scenic Area, 22 kilometers, 3 yuan. The propaganda banner of forget worry to go to Sichuan along the way is also very appropriate. Around 11 o clock, Virgin Spring arrived. The car also came to an end.

Heyang County is the location of the Virgin Spring, where the folk customs are simple, the people are enthusiastic, and the economic situation is general. The people are more willing to take care of their budgets. Because they are close to Shanxi, people are willing to entertain foreign guests for a fee, but it is cheap. At the same time, the hospitality is definitely At the highest level, you are usually asked to give more money. The local people are generally embarrassed to say how much it costs. However, it costs 30 yuan to sleep, eat, bath, and all-inclusive. If you want to find a hotel, you can only go to Heyang County, but it is difficult. Experience the local folk customs

Noodles are unique local flavor foods in Heyang, Shaanxi. Some people write Xuan Nian because the word Xuan says 踅 in Heyang dialect.

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