Hengsheng Garden Hotel Dali

Dali Hengsheng Garden Hotel is located at the foot of the ancient city wall in the beautiful ancient city of Dali (Gunan Zhaoguo), beside the beautiful green jade river. Stroking the fence of the bluestone slab bridge and the entire pavement of the bluestone slab make you feel as if you have found a long time. You can hear the sound of rivers and streams when you open the window. On the big banyan tree near the window, the oriole is on the branch The head wailed with joy and joy.

Hotel has convenient transportation. There are bus stops outside. It has direct access to Shimonoseki, and there are famous attractions along the way to the north and east, such as: Ancient City Yangren Street, Three Pagodas Chongsheng Temple, Butterfly Spring, Xizhou Bai House, Shangguan Huatianlong Cave, Erhai Lake, Nanzhao King Summer Palace, etc. Famous scenic area.

The turquoise grassland and clear flowing water beside the green jade river at the entrance of the hotel are truly a garden in a garden. The distinctiveness of the river standing in front of the hotel makes guests from all over the place feel pleasing, happy, and unforgettable.

Hengsheng s guest rooms include standard rooms, triple rooms and couple rooms for various customers to choose from. Color TV, tea set, bedside table, separate toilet, 24-hour high-flow hot water, hair dryer, towels, towels, slippers , toiletries, free of charge. Long-distance and local calls, free broadband interface in guest rooms, free Internet access in public computers in the lobby, fax machines, photocopiers, free travel consultations, discount tickets for scenic spots, free front desk newspapers , free self-service laundry, China 100 Yuan Excellent Inn recommendation. Hotels Booking Dali-Kunming-Train Tickets, National Air Tickets, Dali-Kunming, Dali-Lijiang, Dali-Shangri-La and Other Bus Tickets, and Free Home Pickup Railway Stations, Bus Stations (Free Pick-up)

Train station: Take bus No. 8 at Shimonoseki Train Station to Cangshanmen (West Gate) and transfer to No. 2 Road No. 19 Road No. 4 CMB. Wait at (South Gate Bo ai Intersection Station) and go straight to Luyu Bridge and go straight for 30 Meters to Hengsheng Garden Hotel

Bus station: Shimonoseki Passenger Center, that is, (Xiaguan—Dali) minibus (1.5 yuan per person) near (Nan Zhao Hotel) and get off at (South Gate Bo ai Road Interchange Station), go straight to Luyu Bridge and go straight for 30 Meters to Hengsheng Garden Hotel

By plane: Take the bus from the airport to the train station, take bus No. 8 to the terminal station, transfer to Cangshanmen (West Gate), Fu Road No. 2, No. 19, No. 4 CMB, and get off at (South Gate Bo ai Intersection Station). Go straight for 30 meters to the Hengsheng Garden Hotel. If you take a taxi for your safety, please dont take a black one. The taxi will tell you what you are going to .—— Dali Ancient City, South Gate, Bo ai Road, Luyu Road, Qiaotou Hengsheng Garden Hotel. The fare is about 60. —70 yuan

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