Hengshan: spend the least money to see the whitest snow

Nanyue Hengshan is one of the five mountains in China. It takes almost 7 hours by train from Guangzhou to Hengyang Station, and another 40 minutes by minibus can reach the towering peaks and magnificent. You can watch the sea of ​​clouds, you can look at the sunrise in the autumn, and you can enjoy the snow in winter.

Now Hengshan is covered by snow, and the scenery is beautiful. Hengshan has been a tourist attraction since ancient times, and the emperors have hunted and sacrificed here; celebrities such as Du Fu and Zhu Xi have also visited here. Li Bai wrote the beautiful scenery of Nanyue with the expressive stroke of Hui Biao blows away the Wufeng Snow, often flying into the Dongting. Xiaoqiang said that when you come to Hengshan, you must be worthy of the reputation of Shouyue here, and insist on walking up the mountain — life is sports, not to mention the beautiful snow scenery along the way: the cooling and snowfall over the past month, making Nanyue full of trees Become a strange ice sculpture, like Jade chrysanthemum blooms, Pear blossoms in full bloom , some like Dragon Dragons go out to sea , Wild horses run wild , and some trees are buried in snow and ice, at first glance, Just like stalactites. And the cables and wires in the mountains became as thick as a bucket overnight, a nd the bright phone booths were covered with thick big caps … From Nantianmen to hiking to the summit of Zhu Rong, the mountain on the formerly magnificent shore became a fairy palace jade. Alas, it can be described as Silver Three Thousand Realms , Yaolin 10,000.

The snow in Hengshan is big and thick, and more importantly, there are not many tourists, so the snow is white, especially the hillsides along the side of the road. The thick and thick is almost a wall. Many people and snow are hugging and taking pictures. By the way, throw a snowball to make trouble; some people walked in the snow wearing straw sandals, and they did not guard against falling their mouths and smashing mud, turning the latecomers back and forth .. .

Zhu Rongfeng is the highest point of Hengshan Mountain, less than 1300 meters. The scenery is so wonderful—the breeze is passing, the peaks are hidden in the mist, and the layers of floating clouds are amazing; a silver pack beneath the mountain is beautiful No party. No wonder Wei Yuan once said: Hengshan is like a row, Laoshan is like a stand, Songshan is like a lying, only Nanyue is like a fly.

Transportation: From Guangzhou to Hengyang Station by train, the hard seat is 40 yuan and the sleeper is 89 yuan. Hengyang Station is 26 kilometers away from Hengshan. You can take the No. 1 bus to Hengyang West Bus Station and then take the Hengshan bus. The fare is 10 yuan and it takes 40 minutes to arrive. There are a lot of taxis near the train station. Be careful not to be fooled. You must explain to Nanyue Town beforehand. It costs about 50 yuan for 4 people.

Accommodation: There is a hotel on the mountainside. If you have to witness the sunrise of Zhu Rongfeng, it is recommended to live in Nanyue Town at the foot of the mountain. You can also visit this quaint town by the way. Accommodation is generally 25 yuan / night; there are also quasi-four-star hotels, about 200 yuan a room.

Tour: Nanyue Town is small, with mottled stone roads and antique buildings. There are small shops selling incense and souvenirs on both sides of the road. There are many restaurants and hotels in town, as well as banks. You can take the cable car up Hengshan, 60 yuan up the mountain, 50 yuan down the mountain, 100 yuan two way, about 10 minutes one way. There are many temples on Hengshan. From the gate to Banshan Pavilion, on the way you will pass Zonglie Temple. There is also Zhurong Hall on Zhurong Peak.

Memo: It is strongly recommended to wear waterproof clothing and shoes, remember to buy straw shoes at the foot of the mountain, 5 yuan / 2 pairs. In addition, the “photographers” remember to bring enough batteries. Hengshan is cold and the batteries are not durable. Wear bright colors, take good-looking pictures, and easily recognize them.

Itinerary: Hengshan can be visited in one day. If you have money in your pocket, you can also go to Changsha, visit Yuelu Mountain, Hunan University and other places, or go to Helong Stadium, which has the first Ferris wheel in Asia. Changsha s most popular Nanxing Road Pedestrian Street is a good choice for shopping.

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