Henan Travel Guide: Traveling alone in Songshan Shaolin

I woke up at six in the morning. The alarm clock last night was useless. I stayed at the man s apartment in the North Campus of Henan University of Science and Technology. As a result, I felt unhappy, and the rain of Xili dropped on the ground. But the plan couldn t be changed. Wake the classmate softly, and borrowed an umbrella, then backpacked to Shaolin.

I was going to take No. 46 bus to the second transport station next to the railway station to find the Shaolin bus. (There is also a large passenger station on the left side of Luoyang Station. You can find the Xuchang Expressway passing the Shaolin Road crossing).

But at the main entrance of Henan University of Science and Technology, I met a group of students who were preparing to travel, so I went with my partner and lay the fare back and forth, RMB 30. The owner was more patient with the students .

According to classmates, Luoyang colleges and universities have a tradition of organizing tourism by students themselves. Now, according to my experience, a single backpacker can walk with students, and the safety factor is high and convenient. I gave the organization s boys 50RMB Includes fare 30, Shaolin tickets 20.

Take the high-speed road all the way, the basic roads and mines are good, when the Songshan 18th plate, the rain is getting heavier and depressed. Arrive at Shaolin crossing, get off and disperse. The requirement is to gather at the crossing from 5 PM to 207. There are more cars here. Next door is Dengfeng and Zhengzhou. There are Zhongyue Temple and Songyang Academy a few kilometers away. I have no chance to go. One day, it sa pity.

I entered the door to buy a collective ticket. The student ID check was not strict. It is reasonable for the two students to buy a 40-yuan ticket together. The gate is magnificent and writes the number one brand in the world. There is about 2 kilometers to walk into the Shaolin Mountain Gate.

I walked into the temple on the right, just like the big red facade with two eyes. I originally thought that there would not be many people on such a rainy day, and there would also be many cars. There are license plates everywhere: Shaanxi , Shaanxi, Gansu, Jiangsu, Beijing, Henan, and Shandong. It seems that Shaolin is indeed well-known, Jin Yong s role is not small, and the film s contribution is also quite a lot.

Buddhism temples in China are the same, but the spirit of Shaolin Temple is really good. The information seen on the Internet before coming is indeed misleading. It actually says Shaolin Temple is small and broken. …

Shaolin style is grand, typical northern taste, red walls and green tiles, carved eaves carved corners, unlike the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, too beautiful. Here is the magnificence of Zhongyue, there are many cypress trees with a life span of thousands of years in Shaolin Temple, and the five doctors of the Emperor Hanwu Emperor. If you look carefully at the inscription, there is actually an autographed signature by Tang Taizong, which is said to be the beginning of Chinese celebrity signature habits., I m dizzy {according to the free guide commentary next to me, ha ha}

香 The incense is really strong here. After all, the incense is free. Cool, this is the personality charm of the first place! As soon as you walk into the door, the monk will give you three yellow incense to let you go. Unlike at Baima yesterday, you actually have to give the so-called incense money to the incense, and less money will give you back to see TMD..

There are two stone kings, which are touched by tourists, on both sides. They are huge and realistic. It is said that touching the glans can bring you blessings, Xixi ~~~~ 🙂

There are many ancient trees in Shaolin. Is there a spectacle next to the Scripture Pavilion? There is also a thick tree of thieves. It is estimated that five people embraced each other because I measured it with my own arm… That bark is old.

I didnt think much about it either. I went directly to Shaolin Gate, and the opposite door was Luo Han Tang. The name was changed to Shifang Zen Temple. The building is a three-dimensional four-faced Buddhist temple . It faces four directions, like a cross. There are five hundred arhats in the four directions. I can count them, but I actually saw the statue of the monk Tang and laughed… The statues and people are almost the same size. I see so many idols standing next to me to visit them. It s really uncomfortable and gloomy. By the way, why didn t you see Ji Gong? The toilets here all cost fifty cents.

I came out and walked along the road. The shops along the way sell bracelets, fake knives, and souvenir items, but they are all similar and not interesting. I bought a bunch of big buddha pigs, the kind of RMB 6 in the loose band in the leech, and another green sandalwood bracelet RMB 5. You can consider starting from 70% off for all the prices here.

Along the way, Tallinn is on the right side of the back. The tombs of the old monks have similar architectural styles, but there are differences. The earliest one is a Tang monk. The most funny one has a particularly modern tower. The train is painted on it. Aircraft, computer, microphone, I fainted. Shaolin monk had humorous cells …

I don t have much time, so I walked forward, far away from my Sanhuangzhai, my mother s dead. I entered Sanhuangzhai from the back of Tallinn and the entrance of the North Watershed. RMB15 is half price, which is reasonable. I trot all the way, I was worried that I was not enough, and it took me an hour to reach the top of the mountain. It was over 1,000 meters high, about 10,000 steps. Finally at the top of Songshan, oops, this is indeed a high-energy exercise. I drank that pulse to replenish energy along the way and was too tired for my legs. But it s especially worth it. It s raining today. The feng shui is pretty good. It s quiet all the way. You can see the clouds and mist through the trees. It sways on the bare mountain. Even the rain seems green. Drops of water fall from the middle of the leaves. Face crawling.

As soon as I got to the top, the majestic Shaoshan Mountain was in my eyes, as if I was at the top of the Central Plains, overlooking all the creatures, and it was very cool. You can see the boulder that is almost pressed on your head. No one has been able to climb it since the mountain was built. It is striking to die among the mountains and mountains. It is too spectacular. I feel that I am an absolute ordinary person in front of nature. A drop of the sea, the rain and fog in the sky and the wind flew together, throwing a super natural mask on the face. Haha, the negative ion! Behind the mountain, I felt as if there was an enchanting fairy blowing countless water vapor. You can see that the fog was surging, extremely sexy.

When you reach the top right corner, there is an inconspicuous sign that writes Wen Shudong. You can climb up. The distance is relatively short, but it is particularly dangerous and stimulating the heart. It is recommended not to go for timid and inconvenient people . I was scared to pass a place where there were exposed huge rocks. I carefully climbed up, and when I fell down here, I was absolutely dead. It was too late to cry for help when I fell down the mountain. Here you can only marvel at the wonders of nature.

When I was walking down the mountain, I didn t climb up when I died, and I was too tired, so I took my pockets and took the ropeway back to Tallinn, half price RMB 25. Haha, how good it is to be a student. It is just that there is too much fog in the mountains, and water droplets have formed on the glass windows. I can t see the scenery of the Songshan Geological Belt, and I feel depressed.

I regret that I couldnt go to the south mountain of Sanhuangzhai Village. I went down the cableway from the north and couldnt go to Nanshan to take the suspension bridge between the boardwalk and the cliff. So there should still be a better time concept, hey.

After returning to the ropeway, return directly to the Shaolin Road crossing from the original road, and wait for everyone to come back together. Forgot, there is a chicken rib at the entrance, which is the so-called Shaolin martial arts performance, but if you are interested, you can check it out. There is basically nothing in it. A lot of goods and more expensive than outside. For sales. You can watch the performance but it costs 20 yuan. The fool only watched it. There is a good place for a monk to practice, artificial.

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