Henan Travel Guide: Luoyang Tour

The Songyaluo (Songshan, Kaifeng, Luoyang) area is a well-known ancient cultural tourism area in China, and it is also the main tourism signboard of Henan Province. The scenery here is pleasant, the cultural relics and historical sites are numerous, and the cultural heritage is profound. For tourists who love Chinese traditional culture, it must not be missed. But according to the author s observations, most tourists who have been here are traveling with groups. Traveling with a group will inevitably lead you to watch the flowers. The fancy tour is a taboo for visiting cultural relics and historic sites. In order to make the ancient culture lovers understand the Central Plains culture more deeply. The author then wrote this essay, hoping to be helpful to all self-guided tourists .

Tourism Tour to this area is nothing more than the journey from Luoyang, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou. Western and eastern tourists can take the Longhai Railway to Luoyang and Kaifeng to start their journey. Southern and northern tourists can take the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway to Zhengzhou to start their journey. This article starts from the beginning of most tourists considering Zhengzhou. (Zhengzhou is the intersection of Longhai Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, and the capital of Henan. It is very convenient to other cities.) There are seven days planned , including three days in Songshan, two days in Luoyang, and two days in Kaifeng.

Luoyang has a well-developed public transportation system. All scenic spots in the urban area and suburbs are accessible by buses. Most are unmanned tickets, one yuan per person.

Luoyang Water Mat is a famous local specialty dish. Luoyang Laojie has a lot of restaurants with water seats, of which it is more famous for its really different. In the northwest of Luoyang City Government Square, there is a Qinchuan specialty snack bar , which specializes in Qinchuan rice noodles and meat dumplings. Those who are interested may wish to try it.

Buying: Laoji and Zhongzhou Road Shifu Plaza are Luoyang s larger commercial streets. There are many shops selling crafts in front of the main entrance of Hakuba Temple. Among them, Luoyang s imitation Tang Sancai and Yu County s Jun porcelain are more famous, and they are the first choice for ancient culture lovers.

洛 Luoyang is in full bloom every April in Luoyang. If you come to Luoyang at this time, be sure to check it out. It is recommended to go to the National Peony Garden (National Peony Gene Bank) in the western suburbs of Luoyang, which has a long peony flowering period and many varieties (the fare is 15 yuan). There is bus No. 51 at Luoyang Station.

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