Henan Travel Guide: Kaifeng Travel Tips

1. It is best to live next to the railway station in Kaifeng tourism. Once here, the railway station and coach are standing together. Second, there are many bus terminals, and there are many tricycles. It is convenient to go everywhere.

2, Kaifeng buses are basically 1 yuan unmanned tickets, it is best to have spare change to play there. Also be careful of pickpockets, I encountered someone stolen on the way to Longting.

3. The most famous snack in Kaifeng is the soup dumplings, which is called Xiaolongbao by Shanghainese. It s usually five or six yuan when you buy it, but each store does different. Out of luck. Kaifeng is best known for making dumplings for dumplings. The first floor is Kaifeng, but I didn t eat it. In addition to soup pots, local restaurants sell rice noodles, pickles, and other local specialties. The amount is very large. Rice noodles are recommended. There are many raw materials such as quail eggs, but they are usually spicy. People who dont eat spicy food must explain. It was like noodles, chopped and thrown in beef soup, different from what I expected. In addition, the noodles are delicious . The noodles here are very tough and delicious than Shanghai. If you are not accustomed to eating these, there is also 馄饨 selling.

4. I went to another new restaurant in Kaifeng in the evening, on Gulou Street (this road is a snack street, starting from 6:30 in the evening until the early morning, but the sales are similar, nothing special), this is a Yucai At the birthplace, when I went, the buffet was 20 yuan per person. We ate a la carte, read the book s introduction, and specially ordered its special dish-carp baked noodles. The smallest one also had a pound of three or two. Its The method is a bit like fish in tomato sauce. It is just another kind of sweet sauce. The fish is covered with a layer of dragon whisk noodles. Like a fan, it must be dipped in juice when eating. It is very sweet. Even people who like to eat sweets eat it. If it doesnt go down, is Yu cuisine sweet? It s another dish of cold dishes-Flammulina velutipes is very good, sour, and tastes good. Dont drink Kaifeng beer, it s almost indescribable, the tea has not been delicious, right, the tea here is free.

5. The Daxiangguo Temple in Kaifeng, Yanqing Temple, and Baogong Temple are all on the same line, one or two stops away. It is also convenient to call a tricycle if you do not want to go. There is a patron saint in Yanqing Temple. Take a look at the comments in the main hall. It is very accurate. If you want, there are patron saints selling at the door, you can buy them. The things in the Baogong Temple are all new and very boring, but they are all here. Come in and take a look. Pay attention to the group of wax figures. According to the tour guide, Qin Xianglian s face is shaped according to the fifth place of Miss Kaifeng. Yes, the princess was shaped according to the seventh place of Miss Kaifeng. I don t know if it is true or not.

6. I thought of the Kaifeng Museum where the “September 18th Incident” happened. I wonder if they would take a break from 11.30 noon to 2.30 pm. It ’s really strange that the museum is also closed. It is still Golden Week.

7. It seems that there is only 15 roads to Yuwangtai and Fanta. I took a tricycle. The car turned a few times in the alley. The first door of Yuwangtai Park was the first one. You can get off here. Look at Yu Wangtai first. In fact, this is a large park, but some stories related to Shi Kuang, Dayu and Li Bai happened here. To get to Fan Tower, just come out of the side door and look at the Fan Tower and arrows written with red pen on the side of the road. You can find it, it feels like playing a game. Buddha statues are engraved on the bricks that make the towers. They are different and very beautiful, but unfortunately some of the heads of the statues are damaged. Ascending the tower is free of charge. It should be able to climb to the third floor, but because it is necessary to get out of the second floor and there are no guardrails installed outside, it is very dangerous. Now you can only climb to the second floor. The stairs to the tower were not narrow, but they were steep and the re were several turns. Because there was no light, they were illuminated by electric lights, and one of the turn lamps was broken. I groped for a while in the dark. Fan Tower is surrounded by dwellings, so it is difficult to take a panorama, only details can be taken, and the effect is good.

8. I went to Longting Park in the afternoon. I was running into a performance. The actors played various well-known characters in the Song Dynasty. After a circle of performances, from Zhao Kuangyue to Yue Fei, I can help you review the history of the Song Dynasty. At the end of the performance, when all the actors came out to leave the curtain, some people dressed as emperors and queens distributed small souvenirs to the audience. What I saw was a beautiful set of postcards. There is a broken bridge in Longting Lake, which is different from the broken bridge of West Lake. It is really no way after a curved arch. To shoot this bridge, it is best to shoot it on the road along the lake outside the park. It is relatively clear.

9. Songdu Yujie is just outside Longting Park. There is an alum building at the intersection. It is said that Li Shishi was there at the time. Now the environment is very chaotic. There are many people selling embroidery on this street. They are very beautiful and the prices are from low to high. You can buy them. The traffic police who directed the traffic at the street seemed to be all female police officers, and they were all heroic.

10. In Kaifeng, in addition to the Fan Tower, the Shanshan-Gangan Hall is worth the price. Many leaders have visited here, but it is strange that there is little publicity here. The stone, brick, and woodcarvings of the hall are three must-have. When you enter the door, there is a picture wall with the words loyalty and benevolence. There are five layers of brick carvings under the eaves of the picture wall. In the stone carving, the pattern of the double dragon play bead is not an ordinary pearl but a spider, because the hall is a club house of merchants from Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Gansu. The merchants pay attention to business in all directions before they have this spider. The huge and spectacular archway in front is only supported by six pillars, which is called chicken paw archway. Below the pillars are also supported solitary cobblestones with different patterns on them, one of which is two monkeys, one up and one down, facing away from everyone, that is, seeing the monkeys on th e back, which means see you later. The four woodcarvings on the door of the main hall are stacked on top of each other with different patterns. It has a history of more than 200 years, and it is not easy to preserve it . The whole hall is spectacular and feels good.

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