Helong Memorial Hall, Helong Bridge

Helong Memorial and Helong Bridge are located opposite the former home of Helong in Hongjiaguan, Sangzhi County. The Helong Memorial Hall completed in 1996 covers an area of ​​9,335 square meters and a building area of ​​2080 square meters. It is surrounded by water on three sides, and the clear and clear Yuquan River, Tianlong Creek, and Yulin Creek bypass gently, hiding the memorial in the green mountains and rivers.

A small stone arch bridge with unique national characteristics was built 80 meters in front of the Helong Memorial Hall, and it was named Bailong Bridge. It integrates the Helong Bridge, the former residence of Helong and the Helong Memorial, and reflects each other . A tall bronze statue of He Long stands on the large bluestone seat in the center of the memorial square. Above the gate of the majestic memorial, there are 5 golden characters inscribed in the Helong Memorial inscribed by the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the President, and the Chairman. There is a prelude hall and 7 exhibition halls in the museum, which display Marshal He Long s glorious life and revolutionary achievements in different historical periods.

3On March 25, 1996, Vice Chairman of the Communist Party of China and former Vice Chairman of the National People s Congress Liao Hansheng, Mrs. Xue Ming and Mrs. Xue Ming made a special trip to Hongjiaguan to attend the 100th anniversary of the birth of He Long and unveil the bronze statue of He Long. On behalf of the Party Central Committee, made important speeches and presented flower baskets. Liao Hansheng, Xue Ming, etc. visited the exhibition hall of He Long s life as the first group of guests. Since then, the memorial is officially open to the public. The Helong Memorial is listed as a patriotic education base in Hunan Province. In March 2005, he was selected as the national red tourism classic scenic spot.

Yonghe Bridge was originally called Yong an Bridge . Flying on the Yuquan River on the right side of He Long s former residence, it is a Fenghua Bridge with stone pier, wooden beams and riding gallery. It is 40 meters long from east to west, 7 meters wide, and 8 meters high. Dragon claw eaves, middle tower pavilion, 8 stone lions, separated on the bridge head and stone pier, the shape is thick and simple, full of national characteristics. This bridge was the only way to communicate with the sangzhi inside and outside the semi-county. It was the main point of Shimotsuma, Egawa, and the starting point of the Salt Bureau s capture of the gun and the sangzhi uprising. He Longzai s great grandfather He Tingzai first advocated donating funds for construction, and it was restored several times. By 1916, the repair was completed by He Long s father, He Shidao Xiang. In the winter of 1929, Chen Cexun, the commander of Sang Zhi s Puppet Communist Party, said that the bridge was destroyed b y He Fengfeng Shui. After liberation, the people s government of Sangzhi County was restored as it was in the winter of 1952 and named Helong Bridge . In the turmoil , framed He Long, and instructed to destroy the bridge, and the masses stood up to protect them, so they were spared. In May 1983, at the request of the county government, He Shuai s daughter, He Xiaoming, received the plaque He Long Bridge from the Secretary-General of the National Calligraphers Association, Xie Deping, the top and bottom of the high suspension bridge, and Yongzhi Memorial. In 1978, He Long s former residence, his life performance showroom, and He Long Bridge were listed as key provincial cultural relics protection units. This is a must-visit for visitors to Helong s Former Residence and Helong Memorial.

Helong Memorial and Helong Bridge Transportation: Take airplane or train to Zhangjiajie, go to the railway station square or bus station to Sangzhi s CMB, get off at Sangzhi and transfer to Hongjiaguan. Helong Memorial and Helong Bridge Located opposite the former residence of He Long

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